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  • Parkeergarage Noord Boulevard Scheveningen Boligrip 200P

    Input and flexibility in construction
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Boulevard car park in Scheveningen

Interparking Netherlands opened its new Boulevard car park right on Scheveningen beach. The car park’s unique location – with the pedestrian entrance and exit opening directly onto the seafront promenade – should make a visit to the most famous seaside resort in the Netherlands even more attractive. The elongated car park has three levels with few columns, making it comfortable for visitors to park. The floor finish - driving lanes, parking bays and markings - was produced and applied by Bolidt, which Interparking has successfully worked with before on projects such as the Helicon car park in The Hague.

  • Parkeergarage Noord Boulevard Scheveningen Boligrip 200P
  • Parkeergarage Noord Boulevard Scheveningen Boligrip 200R
  • Parkeergarage Noord Boulevard Scheveningen Boligrip 200R
  • Parkeergarage Noord Boulevard Scheveningen Boligrip 200R

High level of finish

Above the 700 space car park, a large complex with space for shops, cafés and restaurants is nearing completion. Rotterdam architect Wim de Bruijn chose a style that subtly references the demolished Palace Hotel’s Art Nouveau design. The car park itself has a one-way system with diagonal spaces, wide parking bays and column-free parking (with 16-metre spans). Erwin Lund, Senior Project Manager Development at Interparking Netherlands: “Including the high level of finish, users rate their experience of the car park as very pleasant. There are two separate spiral ramps for ascending and descending vehicles in the car park to avoid intersecting traffic. This has a positive impact on traffic flow. The car park also features the latest innovations and technology, including a parking guidance system with bay-specific number plate recognition.”

Intense process

Based on a comprehensive technical programme of requirements for the work, Interparking invited bids from multiple parties. Lund: “It was good to receive a complete bit in the pre-construction stage. Whenever Interparking has critical questions concerning the site or the offer, Bolidt has often already thought about it, preventing unpleasant surprises later on. After signing the contract, we have had close consultations on the drawings with the layout of the parking bays, driving lanes, other symbols and markings. It was an intense process, having to ensure that the design on site reflects our corporate style, but all turned out well. We experienced once again that Bolidt is very flexible and resourceful in meeting our wishes and those of the construction team.”

Challenges and setbacks

A major challenge in this project was to fit Bolidt’s workload into the prime contractor’s schedule. Lund: “Besides the floor finish, a variety of other work needed to be carried out. We also had to deal with a number of challenges and setbacks during construction, which forced us to postpone some work and regularly change our schedule. On these occasions, too, we could count on Bolidt’s flexibility and input!”

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