Converting cruise design ideas

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    Bolidt converts cruise design
    ideas into reality 

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Bolidt converts cruise design ideas into reality  

The pressure on cruise ship designers to surprise and delight has never been so intense, as competition based on the ‘wow factor’ heats up; owners are demanding that the boundaries for design are tested to attract a cruise audience in search of a fresh experiences.

The challenge for architects and designers is to balance this new creative freedom for expression with the functionality of cruise ship spaces.

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  • TUI Blu Motion Somec Mein Schiff 4 Bolidtop Sensation
  • TUI Blu Motion Somec Mein Schiff 4 Bolidtop Sensation

Ship decking and flooring specialist Bolidt is a key enabler in the creative design process whose synthetic materials place no limits on the imagination for ship designers. Jacco Van Overbeek, Director Maritime Division at Bolidt , believes that an understanding of what is possible using Bolidt solutions empowers a flourishing creative approach, allowing free-flowing design ideas to become reality onboard cruise ships.

Cruise ship design is attracting a growing number of architects and designers from other sectors who seek to bring fresh and original ideas to a market ever-hungry for the spectacular.

Bolidt can lend its five decades of experience in delivering bespoke cruise ship solutions to its design partners and provide guidance on how design-led thinking can enhance passenger experience.

To promote understanding of how Bolidt’s synthetic surfaces bring even the most challenging design ideas to life, the company is investing heavily in creating a unique new facility. When opened in Q4 2018, the Experience and Innovation Center will allow architects and designers not only to see, but to touch, feel and work with Bolidt materials and gain an insight into the endless possibilities at their disposal. The first stone for this one-of-a-kind experience centre was laid in May this year.

Jacco van Overbeek firmly believes that the knowledge exchange should be a two-way street: he says that visitors to the new centre will be invited to offer feedback to Bolidt’s laboratory, ask the questions that can provoke further innovation from Bolidt and help to continue to push at the boundaries of what is possible in creative ship design.

In working in partnership with architects and designers, Bolidt makes creative design visions become a reality.

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