• Bolideck B3

    Bolideck® B3 system: specially

    developed for marine applications

At Bolidt, we work on a daily basis with innovations covering the areas of products, processes, people and experience. One of the product innovations that we recently introduced is the Bolideck® B3 system. This system has been specially developed for marine applications.

The Bolideck® B3 system is an addition to the Bolideck® B2 system. The advantage of the Bolideck® B3 system compared to the Bolideck® B2 system is a reduction in the number of system layers in which the system is built up. In addition, light, but also heavier damage to the system, is much less visible than before.

  • Bolideck B3
  • Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Karel Doorman Bolideck B1
  • Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Karel Doorman Bolideck B1
  • Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Karel Doorman Bolideck B1
  • LCF Evertsen - Schelde Marinebouw Bolideck B1
  • LCF Vlissingen Bolideck B1

The Bolideck® B3 system can be repaired directly on board by the vessel’s crew themselves. This feature was precisely the reason the Bolidt R&D Center started to develop this product innovation.

As you can imagine, navy ships can be underway for months at a time, the deck is very heavily loaded and any damage to it is preferably repaired immediately. The Royal Netherlands Navy therefore asked for a deck system that could be repaired directly on board a ship by the crew themselves.

Bolideck® systems are built up in several layers, with each layer having its own functionality. In the Bolideck® B3 system, the functionalities of the last 3 system layers are incorporated into a single system layer.

The advantage of this is that application time is reduced by 2 days without the functionality below being affected.

The raw materials used for this developed system layer are free from volatile organic compounds (so-called VOCs). This makes this layer better for both people and the environment.

In addition, the system is as strong as iron! In order to test repairability, the R&D Center has attempted to damage the system. Many a grinding wheel has lost the battle with Bolideck® B3. Should damage still occur on board, this is less visible due to the – also newly developed – Bolideck® B3 Underlayer. This underlayer is available in the same color as the deck.

Bolideck® B3 meets the requirements stated in NATO - AEP-63 Performance Requirements for Non-Skid Coating Systems. This means high wear resistance and high skid resistance as well as, for example, chemical resistance. Liquids such as kerosene, gas oil, and hydraulic oil have been extensively tested on the deck.

In short; the Bolideck® B3 system meets all requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy and will soon be introduced to the navies of various other countries.

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