Bolidt Appelgroet 2022

BOLIDT Appelgroet


This year's Appelgroet is dedicated to the bee. The bee? Yes, that cheerful yellow/black striped buzzer that is so important for maintaining our natural environment. The thing is, we are making life difficult for this busy little boss. His habitat is getting smaller and smaller and there is less and less flowering nature. We therefore invite you to provide the bee a helping hand and so keep the Appelgroet alive. Win - win, right? Happy bee = happy you.

How? Watch the video above.

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Growing Paper

In the spring, you can reuse the empty apple crate as a flower container. In fact, within the Appelgroet you will find a sheet of "Growing Paper". Plant it in the apple crate with some soil, water regularly, and after a while lovely fragrant flowers will start to bloom and so we can provide the bee with a delicious meal.
We will remind you again in spring, as that is the best time to plant seeds.

A CO2 neutral delivery

 This crate was delivered to you CO2 neutral. Based on Milieu Centraal's emission factors, we calculated emissions of 1.2 to 1.5 tons of CO2 for the delivery of all apple crates to our relations. We have compensated this through certified reforestation projects by TreesForAll.

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