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  • AOC Oost Twello Bolidtop 700 College

    Green future for AOC in Twello
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AOC Twello

The newly built Eastern Agricultural Education Centre, AOC Oost, in Twello was opened for use at the beginning of this year. The green and innovative design by SP Architects features durable Bolidt flooring in the practical training rooms and common areas. Now that the last details, such as the surrounding gardens and animal pens, have been completed, the AOC Oost is truly ready for a green future. The new building was officially opened under the motto 'Tomorrow is green'.

  • AOC Oost Twello Bolidtop 700 College
  • AOC Oost Twello Bolidtop 700 College
  • AOC Oost Twello Bolidtop 700 College
  • AOC Oost Twello Bolidtop FiftyFifty

The central hallway, which functions as an artery connecting the entire building, has been fitted with Bolidtop® FiftyFifty. This is a modern and comfortable flooring system that livens up a space through the combination of two closely related colours. The system allows the architect or client to specify the type of effect he wants the floor to have, stimulating or calming. In this case, David Vos - architect with SP Architects - was present to ensure in person that the flooring was installed the way he had envisioned it during the design phase.

The 12- to 18-year-old pupils of this ‘green’ school study vocational courses such as animal care, animal husbandry, plant breeding, flower and design, horticulture and landscape planning. These involve hands-on training and require a safe and resilient indoor environment, including durable, heavy-duty and easily cleanable flooring.

The Bolidtop® 700 College is just that. The floor finish is characterised by its high impact and shock resistance and is also non-slip, ensuring excellent grip, even with water on it.

In some of the practical lessons, pupils carry out repair work on tractors. The rooms that are used for these lessons have also been fitted with Bolidtop 700® College flooring, which is extremely resistant to the heavy loads of the vehicles and specially designed for the education sector.

David Vos of SP Architects: “When it came to the flooring, we wanted to make a clear distinction between the practical rooms and the classrooms. Aesthetics were the main consideration for the classrooms, the practical rooms required functional flooring.”

AOC Twello made a conscious choice for Bolidt. A visit to partner institutions AOC Enschede and Almelo, which already had Bolidt installed previously, won them over. Bolidt flooring was chosen with confidence and now forms the basis of the results that are achieved in this competitive learning environment.

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