5 Gadgets Revolutionizing Healthcare

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    5 Gadgets Revolutionizing Healthcare

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There’s nothing like some exciting gadgets to help the process of technological advancement and integration in healthcare. Here are the top 5 gadgets helping to currently revolutionize the healthcare system;

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#1 Foldscope

Coming in at number one, we have a truly revolutionary piece of kit. Funnily enough, the microscopes we use in the professional field today are largely the same as the ones used back in the 1940’s. Big, heavy and cumbersome.Until now, the Foldscope is quite the opposite. Fathoming the same quality and capability as the traditional microscopes, this rather funky model is literally printed into a piece of paper. Despite looking very much like a cardboard cut-out toy, the technology that is layered into the design is incredibly sophisticated. That being said, the finished product totals a production cost of just 50 cents! No doubt this will be of great aid in the diagnostic process among countries with a lack of much needed resources, as well providing lots of affordable fun in science classes.

#2 EPOC Neuroheadset

This technology could open the floodgates for innumerable possibilities that have been unthinkable up to now. The headset uses a human-computer interface that allows users to take all kinds of actions using just their mind. 

Suddenly opportunities arise to disabled patients who cannot move, potentially allowing them to operate a wheelchair or a virtual keyboard to better express themselves. Using the headset you can even create music!

#3 Electrocardiograph Business cards

Number three may not be so revolutionary, but it is pretty darn cool. An electric ECG no bigger than a credit card. The card includes a digital display and a battery, and despite not being approved as a diagnostic device, as far as we know, the technology serves its purpose just like a simple ECG device, reading and presenting your heart rate. Try and beat that for a business card.

#4 Scanadu Scout

Next up is the Scanadu Scout. This little gadget brings the dreams and imaginings of geeks, and healthcare fanatics alike, to life from another dimension. It informs you of your heart rate, your skin and body temperatures, respiratory rates, blood pressure, electrocardiography, oxygen levels and even your emotional stress levels. 

Whilst this is all very impressive, the process of how the Scanadu Scout receives this information is the part that takes it to the next level. The recordings are taken simply by placing the device close to someone’s forehead, just like something out of Star Trek.

#5 Air.Air!

Ideal for people living in areas where the quality of the air is questionable, ‘Air.Air!’ is a device that measures the dangerous particles in the air. It can detect anything from minute traces of cigarette smoke, to diesel fumes. It’s technology like this that can be seen leading us in the direction of a more personalized and preventative healthcare.

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