3 Yachts that challenge the Status Quo

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    3 Yachts that challenge the Status Quo

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yachts that challenge the status quo

At Bolidt, we're always looking to push the limits of what's possible in the design world. Whether it's new integrated technology, or an industry collaboration; it's what we thrive on.  Take one look at the yacht industry and you'll see it's most definitely a field of innovation. Here are three yacht designs that challenge the status quo.

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Energy Observer

Jerome Delafosse and Victorien Erussard are a few weeks into a six year trip around the world. The duo are trying to do away with boundaries, whilst carrying an important message. The yacht which is taking them around the globe is very unique. The 'Energy Observer' is a catamaran powered by sun, wind and hydrogen. Previously a multi-hull race boat, it's now touring around the seven seas leaving zero emmisions behind. It's equipped with solar panels, wind trubines, and a hydrogen fuel cell system. The mission of the yacht and their voyage is to search for solutions and share them, ultimately proving that a greener world is possible.


Austria-based Migaloo have concieved a series of four models that offer variants on luxurious submersive yachts.

They will design, engineer, and build yachts that can remain under water whilst at anchor and whilst cruising between destinations. This allows them to offer a yachting experience like no other. The multistory yachts will offer the highest luxury, with alfresco dining, pools on deck, and personal movie theatres. However, they will also be able to decend 787 feet into the sea, giving guests a chance to explore the underwater seascapes.


This 90 meter concept from Oceanco is very exciting. Designed in collaboration with Miami-based designer Luiz de Basto and naval architect BMT Nigel Gee, the idea behind it was that you'd be able to connect with the world around you, whilst staying in a controlled environment. This is achieved through a huge glass dome (the biggest yet to be seen in a serioous superyacht proposal) that covers the upper deck.

It suggests a whole to approach to upper deck arrangement. The technology behind the glass dome is extremely complicated. Five years ago, the concept would be unfeasible. However, technology available today would allow for this grand concept.

These projects give us a glimpse into the potential that technology has to change the status quo of today. Stay tuned for more of the latest in the industry.

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