• Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing

    Sushisamba: dream floor with
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Today’s cosmopolitan has an adventurous taste. Particularly when it comes to food. Fusion is hot, because why would you settle for just one type of cuisine? International restaurant chain Sushisamba feeds this appetite for culinary adventure by serving Asian cuisine with a Latino twist. In September, Sushisamba opened its first Dutch location in Amsterdam. On the menu: Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes including sushi, sashimi, churrasco and kanpachi. At the bar: Japanese whiskies, sake and South American cocktails.

  • Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing
  • Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing
  • Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing
  • Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing

Not only Sushisamba’s culinary concept in Amsterdam is special. The interior of the brand-new restaurant in the heart of the city centre is also extraordinary. Absolute eye-catcher is the floor design. Sushisamba’s design team had a dream: the flooring in the Amsterdam Sushisamba branch had to have a South American flourish matching the chain’s distinct love of design. Who do you then call? Exactly: Bolidt. With an extensive choice of colours and design possibilities, Bolidt’s design team makes every dream come true.

Internationally, Amsterdam is Sushisamba’s fifth location. Just like the restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, Miami and London, the establishment on Max Euweplein has a striking interior decor. Amsterdam has opted for an open and transparent design, as can be seen from the open kitchen and floor to ceiling windows brightening up the interior.

There are similarities to the other four locations too of course: the bold use of colour, for instance, and the sushi bar with the iconic orange tree. A full-sized sculpture that was originally designed in London and refers to Sushisamba’s passion for al fresco dining and nature-inspired design. 

No run-of-the-mill flooring 

With such an outspoken love of design you cannot have just any flooring in your establishment. You want it to stand out. The Sushisamba design team had an inventive idea: the floor design should reference the mosaics of the Brazilian ‘calçadãos’, the promenades along the sandy white beaches, allowing guests of Sushisamba to imagine themselves sitting on a promenade in, say, Copacabana. But: who would be able to realise this dream?

Bolidt of course. Its synthetic flooring opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. Any colour, shape and effect is possible. Bolidt develops in-house and creates the flooring designers dream of. Like the floor for Sushisamba Amsterdam, which was developed in close collaboration with its design team and then installed by Bolidt’s specialised application teams. Carried out under the watchful eye of the designers, the work required great precision, as the flooring had to exactly match the design team’s idea. The result is nothing short of breath-taking: original, funky and perfect. In short, a floor that reflects everything that Sushisamba stands for.

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