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  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM

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Matrix One

Matrix ONE, a six-story, 13,000-square-meter building, is a exceptional building in the Amsterdam Science Park. Matrix ONE is the hub of the Matrix Innovation Center and provides the campus with important social spaces and amenities. Crucially, Matrix ONE also pushes the boundaries in terms of sustainable design: from dismountable structures, the "social staircase" and solar energy generation to smart lighting and generous bicycle parking facilities, it incorporates sustainable thinking from every possible angle. 

  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM
  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM
  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM
  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM
  • Matrix ONE Amsterdam Bolidtop 525AM

Matrix ONE is the largest of seven buildings that make up the Matrix Innovation Center, part of Amsterdam Science Park, where scientists and entrepreneurs work on sustainable solutions to current and future problems. Matrix One contains a mix of scientific laboratories and offices for tech companies, while other tenants such as the University of Amsterdam also work in Matrix ONE to develop technologies for a sustainable future.

The project was developed by MVRDV, an architectural firm based in Rotterdam. Based on positive past experiences, MVRDV turned to Bolidt for the suitable flooring solutions. The assignment was to make the 13,000 square meters as sustainable as possible.

In addition, it was important to maintain the same ambition as the entire building, which is easily demountable.

Simple connections such as screws and bolts ensure that elements can be detached and reused when different parts of the building are updated; even the building's floors are made of precast concrete slabs with no fixed joints, allowing them to be reused at the end of the building's life. This allows more than 90% of the building's materials to be reused later. Matrix ONE meets ambitious Amsterdam targets for energy use and is certified BREEAM-Excellent.  Material choice plays an important role in this, as does the floor. The floor had to be durable and wear-resistant, but also match the ambitions of the building.
According to Frans de Witte, partner architect - MVRDV, this has worked out well.
Bolidt's collaboration with MVRDV illustrates its commitment for providing innovative flooring solutions that combine functionality, durability and aesthetics.

De Bolidtop® 525 is installed in the Matrix ONE, an elastic and sound-absorbing flooring system. Wear-resistant to withstand the foot traffic of the building's many visitors. But Bolidt has also taken into account the aesthetic aspects of the floors. They have managed to create a seamless and contemporary look that perfectly matches the durable and modern look of the Matrix ONE. The new floors contribute to the overall experience of the visitors and provide an optimal environment to enjoy the entire building.


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