Prorail release

  • Ingieten spoorstaven Rotterdam Bolirail PU

    Official release acknowledged

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Prorail release

Having successfully withstood all mechanical tests performed on it (in April 2005), Bolidt® Rail Technology’s embedded rail system (ERS), Prorail hereby officially acknowledges the release of Bolidt® Rail Technology’s embedded rail system and licenses Bolidt® Rail Technology to cast rails subject to PVE 00121. The documentation required has duly been published in its Railinfra catalogue:

  • Spoorbrug Oosterbeek Bolirail PU
  • Spoorbrug Pisa RFI Italië Bolirail PU
Order form: BEA00281-V001
Acceptance protocol form: ACP00140-V001
Installation regulations: ISV00121-V001
Maintenance document: OHD00083-V001
Removal regulations: SLV00024-V001

As soon as the tests on the ERS in April 2005 had proved successful, Prorail urged Bolidt to put the technology into practice. The development of this ERS was initiated as a response to the clearly increasing traffic density.

Since then, Bolidt® Rail Technology has successfully implemented forty projects. Below are a few examples:

  • Tunnel at Wijhe
  • Rail bearing plates at the Beatrixhaven, Maastricht
  • Halfweg, Rotterdam
  • Limmelderweg, Maastricht
  • Gemeentelijk Vervoersbedrijf Amsterdam (Amsterdam Public Transport Authority)
  • Vlaggemanskade and Kanaalweg, Rotterdam

The release would not have been possible without the support of a number of people. In this context, particular mention must be made of R. Haksel and F. Klösters (Prorail), J. Horst (AEA Technology) and G. van Ettekoven (Holland Rail Consult).

Bolidt will have control of the development, production, design and processing of its product.

Download the Prorail release here

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