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  • Porsche Amsterdam Boligrip 1250

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Porsche Centre Amsterdam

Every day, at least 200,000 cars race along the A2 near Amsterdam at a high speed. Beside it, on the other hand, a splendid building has sprung up showing off cars that are stationary, for passers-by to desire: Porsche Centre Amsterdam. Pure passion, pride and quality are diverting the attention to the models on display in front of the building. Porsche has grown into a little and big boy’s dream, a remarkable premium brand with a high level of exclusivity. As it happened, the Netherlands saw this potential and became the first country to import Porsche cars.

  • Porsche Amsterdam Bolicoat 50 RF
  • Porsche Amsterdam Boligrip 1250
  • Porsche Amsterdam Boligrip 1250

Some lucky officers of the Algemene Verkeersdienst (General Traffic Service), as it was called at the time, drove an official ‘police Porsche’ for the first time in 1961. The cooperation lasted for more than thirty years, even long after Porsche had developed into a leading sports car brand. Nowadays, Porsche particularly represents success. Reaching the top and showing it in style.

Reaching the top is a personal experience and so is the way one chooses to share this with others. The Porsche designs that have been developed therefore leave ample room for personalization.

Every customer receives expert advice on the models and the possibilities, so that the final result can be custom made based on all desired details. A philosophy well understood and put into practice by Bolidt. For each customer, in every project, different needs have to be met. Bolidt has been looking beyond just the flooring situation for decades already. The sales and application teams also contribute ideas, aimed at providing comprehensive solutions. Making sure that the flooring complements the style of the building, helps to achieve the desired result and that all additional wishes are fulfilled. For Porsche this was an absolute must. Everything in the building needed to reflect and communicate what Porsche stands for.

Class, performance, design, independence and due pride. The love for the brand is strong and this had to be perceptible as soon as one would enter a space. With that must in mind, the roof car park, the ramp, the show room and the warehouse have been fitted with Boligrip®, Bolicoat® and Bolidtop® systems, so that everything at Porsche is as it should be. One premium brand reinforcing the other.

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