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The Pluriton Group has been specialising in exporting hatching eggs and day-old chicks for over 30 years. Working with logistic partners in various European countries, they supply their products from their hatcheries in the Netherlands and Belgium to Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In October 2012, they opened a new facility in Afferden in the Netherlands’ south east. The hatchery produces a daily average of 125,000 high-quality and vital day-old chicks for the laying hen sector.

  • Pluriton Broederij Afferden Bolidtop 700
  • Pluriton Broederij Afferden Bolidtop 700

The Pluriton Group applies high, if not the highest, requirements when it comes to hygiene. Bolidt had already supplied the Lagerwey hatchery with top-quality flooring systems that are resistant to the high-pressure cleaners and chemical cleaning products that are used in the daily maintenance inherent in this industry. When chicken hatchery Pluriton in Afferden had to decide on a new floor, it was not hard to put two and two together: exceptional quality and hygiene plus strong and robust? That could only be Bolidt.

The 3,500 m2 floor surface of the new hatchery has been fitted with a seamless Bolidtop® 700 synthetic floor finish. The pore-free Bolidt floor is easy to clean, which contributes to general hygiene.

The Bolidt floor meets the various specific functional requirements required in each stage of the food processing chain. The Bolidtop® 700 system, for instance, is resistant to the temperature and humidity levels in the incubators where the eggs are artificially hatched. At the same time, the floor is extremely hygienic in the egg sorting areas, slip resistant in spaces where eggs are transported and trolleys rolled around and in the dispatch areas it is resistant to wear caused by mechanical stress. Even when aggressive cleaning products are used, the Bolidtop® synthetic flooring meets the requirements set for the project by Pluriton, such as impermeability to fluids and chemical resistance.

Bolidtop® 700 is a durable solution that will last for at least 15 years. In a branch of industry where technical innovation in terms of equipment and facilities plays and important role, Pluriton’s business is built on a solid and reliable foundation. On top of that, the floor is available in various colours and so offers the possibility to turn each link in the production chain into a pleasant working environment.

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