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  • Pfizer Pfizer Puurs België Bolidtop 700 PT

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Pfizer has more than 100,000 employees in 150 countries discovering, developing and producing innovative vaccines and medicines every day. Together they are fighting the diseases of today and tomorrow. A breakthrough discovery leads to plans for product development on the same day, sometimes including new research or production facilities. This requires speed, flexibility and the best possible quality, also from the specialists working for Bolidt. After all, epidemics do not wait until tomorrow either.

  • Pfizer Pfizer Puurs België Bolidtop 700 PT
  • Pfizer Pfizer Puurs België Bolidtop 700 PT
  • Pfizer Pfizer Puurs België Bolidtop 700 PT

Pfizer expands facilities in Puurs and Havant

Bolidt installed new flooring in the new buildings at Pfizer Puurs (Belgium) and at the facility they acquired from Wyeth Havant (UK). The site in Belgium houses Pfizer’s largest production and packaging facility in Europe. The over 1,300 employees here produce more than 200 million units a year of sterile, mainly injectable, medicines in vials, syringes and ampoules. In Havant, Pfizer is completing new packaging and storage units.

Bolidt flooring in grade A, B and C zones

The clean rooms at Pfizer have been built to the highest international quality and safety standards. Bolidt’s flooring systems and wall finishes easily meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. For the zones requiring high levels of cleanliness (grade A, B and C), Pfizer Puurs selected Bolidtop® 700 Pharma Terrazzo, a mechanically compacted terrazzo flooring system specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry. This shock and impact resistant flooring is highly mechanically and chemically stable and has an extra smooth, pore-free finish. The dense and even surface makes it impossible for any unwanted dirt or dust particles to lodge themselves into it.

Application specialists ready when needed

Bolidt keeps all of its processes in-house, from the development and production to the application of the synthetic flooring. That is how we are able to guarantee that our flooring more than meets all international classification requirements and abrasion resistance test standards. It also allows us to deploy our staff flexibly. Our application specialists will be made available whenever an innovative development at Pfizer calls for immediate action.

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