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  • Jebo FoodBrugge België Bolidtop 700

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Jebo Food

On a daily basis and on a broad scale, Jebo Food feeds a trend in the current society: “the fast snack”. As a fresh specialist, this firm in Zeebrugge (Belgium) prepares simple, but healthy and culinary meals. Jebo Food’s location by the sea and the fisherman port plays an important role in the company’s activities. Each day, large quantities of fish, shrimps and other marine animals are supplied and processed: a tough job! In the meantime, processing meat has been added to this job, enabling a more diverse selection of warm and cold fish -, meat - and vegetable salads in all sorts of tasty variants. A freshly prepared fast meal of choice that Jebo Food wants everyone to enjoy.

  • Jebo FoodBrugge België Bolidtop 700
  • Jebo FoodBrugge België Bolidtop 700

Such an ambition should be accompanied by an ambitious floor. In close consultation with Abetec, a study agency particularly active within the food branch, Bolidt received the order to supply Jebo Food’s floor finish. In the processing room, storeroom and corridors a heat-resistant Bolidtop® 700 floor finish has been installed. Extra special to Jebo Food is the floor’s contribution to observe the HACCP regulations, set up to guarantee the quality of (food)products during processing and during the distribution process. Because of the HACCP distinction Jebo Food currently owns with pride, the Bolidtop® 700 is a welcome addition.

To finish the quality row, Jebo Food let Polysto provide the spaces with fenders, to realise hygienic wall protection. Thereafter, Bolidt fitted concave skirtings within the fenders for a nice finishing touch. Hereby Polysto and Bolidt added another chapter to their history of cooperation, as they already have participated together in several projects.

Bolidt also brought new floor life in the offices of Jebo Food by applying a light coloured Bolidtop® 525 with a powerful, austere, but attractive effect. The Belgian fresh specialist is now completely ready to change ‘the fast snack’ into a healthy trend.


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