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Collaboration with Defence Materiel Organisation

At the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), choosing the best possible equipment and IT for the armed forces is a matter of course. This has led to a continuous search for innovative solutions to upgrade the equipment to an even higher standard. A search that Bolidt is also actively involved in, by collaborating with the Defence Materiel Organisation of the Dutch armed forces. But also by hosting one of the regional sessions, attended by a range of leading small and medium-sized enterprises and Defence representatives.

Modern, robust and safe materiel

Our service personnel must, in all circumstances, be able to rely on the equipment they work with. The DMO ensures this by supplying modern, robust and safe equipment to all service branches. The DMO maintains the Defence materiel throughout its entire life cycle. Whether it be vessels, aeroplanes, helicopters, vehicles, fuel, ammunition, clothing, (operational) computer systems, radar equipment or weapons systems.

Technical innovation

The Defence Materiel Organisation devotes a lot of attention to technical innovation. Together with research organisations and industry it drives the development of ever better technologies and materials. Vice-Admiral Arie Jan de Waard, CEO of DMO: “As part of our collaborations with the business community we are interested in hearing which innovative solutions and products are and will become available to provide our men and women in the field with optimal support. That is why we regularly meet in regional sessions to discuss this multifaceted subject and to learn from each other. It is particularly great to once do so as guests in the Bolidt Innovation Center.”

Innovative decking systems

De Waard: “With my background in the Royal Navy, maritime systems are my area of expertise. Our collaborations with business partners have already brought great results in this field. In the current times of fast and disruptive innovations that can have an immediate impact on peace and security, we need to make the most of working together in an ecosystem, in which the defence organisation, big and smaller companies and knowledge institutions are represented.” Bolidt plays an important role for DMO when it comes to innovative decking systems on naval vessels. Bolidt was responsible for almost all of the decking systems on the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy, including the state-of-the-art De Zeven Provinciën-class air defence and command frigates, the LPD Johan de Witt and the JSS Karel Doorman. De Waard: “While serving as Deputy Technical Officer on board in the eighties, I had extensive dealings with Bolidt and discovered how complex our decking systems really are.”


Huub Geilenkirchen, Defence specialist at Bolidt: “As Bolidt, our goal during this regional session is to play a connecting role between big and smaller companies on the one hand and the Defence organisation on the other. Innovation is what connects us and what our new Innovation Center is all about. Both the big companies like Thales, Damen, RH marines and Bolidt and the smaller ones are pioneers of a great many innovative developments. It is great that it is in the Bolidt Innovation Center that the connections between all parties are coming to light, taking the collaboration between the Dutch Defence organisation and industry to a higher level.”

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