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Why social media?

Social media can be a powerful tool in the (online) customer journey and throughout your sales funnel. Besides the website and newsletters, you can use social media (and therefore LinkedIn) as a (personal) touching point in your customer journey. In different stages of your customer journey, you can use different types of communication via social media as an effective online tool to reach and persuade your customers.

Customer Journey

different touching points need different online communication via social media

 Think about sharing general information about Bolidt and the Innovation Center, when you want to attract more (new) prospects. We call this creating (brand) awareness. When they have the big picture in mind, you can share more industry specific information about our flooring systems and their unique properties or share video testimonials of finished projects or even send them a private message with some more information. In this ‘consideration’ phase it’s all about building trust by educating the customer and demonstrating the benefits of our flooring. 

All these efforts combined can eventually increase the chances of your success! Social media can truly transform the relationships customers have with you, our product and with Bolidt as a brand. 

We hope you realize now that social media can be a powerful tool and for B2B Marketing LinkedIn is the ultimate platform!

LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.


Together we, as a brand, have the opportunity to target and engage with a massive quality audience in a professional context. Where? On LinkedIn. How? You are part of the Bolidt Group and with social media you can contribute to reaching existing and potential customers; you essentially help build our brand. 

We want to support and coach you to engage and interact with your network. By posting on LinkedIn about the Bolidt Group you’re actually building your personal brand as people will start to see you as an industry expert, while gaining their trust and loyalty at the same time. This benefits the Bolidt Group as a whole as well!

Rules of the game


  1. We have a lot of available content in the form of blogs, news articles, video’s, project photo’s and testimonials. Feel free to share these on LinkedIn anytime! 
  2. Share posts of the corporate LinkedIn accounts (Bolidt and Esthec) 
  3. Share posts of your colleagues
  4. Upload a video instead of using a Youtube link. If you upload it, the video will play automatically and does not require any clicking. Ask the marketing department for the video files and they will send you a WeTransfer link. 
  5. Respond to comments people left underneath your LinkedIn posts in time. 

Social media is a dialogue, not a monologue! Keep growing your network by adding people you’ve met (especially after exhibitions and tradeshows), like their posts (if relevant and interesting) and leave comments as well.


  1. Instead of pasting a Youtube link in a post, upload a video manually. See the LinkedIn FAQ’s on how to upload a video in case you need some assistance. 
  2. With our eyes on regulations and safety and healthy guidelines, we kindly ask you to not post any photos online where the application process can be seen/work in progress. This includes: application team in action on site and unfinished raw looking detailing or closeups. We’d love to see what you, your colleagues or team are working on at the moment but in case of doubt you can ask the marketing department.
  3. The same thing goes for premature R&D developments, innovations and technologies. We wouldn’t want our competitors to know what we’re working on at the moment.
  4. Regarding privacy, always ask permission when you want to post pictures of people or relations. 

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