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ISA Poultry, the layer breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, celebrated the opening of its brand-new layer parent stock hatchery in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, last month. To ensure that their high requirements with regard to hygiene, durability, additional capacity and energy efficiency were met, the company selected the best suppliers. Bolidt provided the flooring in consultation with strategic partner Pas Reform, developer of technological equipment for the hatchery industry, whom Bolidt had successfully worked with before.

  • Hendrix Genetics Boxmeer Bolidtop 700
  • Hendrix Genetics Boxmeer Bolidtop 700
  • Hendrix Genetics Boxmeer Bolidtop 700

The existing hatchery that was delivered in 1978 no longer meets current standards and will be demolished as soon as the new facility is fully operational. The company defined the design requirements for the new hatchery with an emphasis on increasing its output. Servé Hermans, ISA’s Managing Director, recognizes the important role that his company can play in leading the egg industry towards sustainability. "We are expanding at a time of major global challenges in terms of prosperity and welfare. This is a huge responsibility that requires creating the best possible conditions. The same applies to this new high-tech facility."

Bolidt has built up a good reputation in the hatchery business. That is why Hendrix Genetics’ research phase included a visit to hatchery Lagerwey in Lunteren, where Bolidt installed flooring systems about 15 years ago. After this experience, Hendrix were firmly convinced that they wanted to apply a durable Bolidt system. Hendrix Genetics also has extremely high requirements for hygiene, which will impact a long line of offspring, as they produce parent stock chicks.

Bolidt provided ISA Poultry with floors from its Bolidtop® 700 flooring range. Their seamless finish and pore-free, dirt-repellent surface ensure that the required hygiene standards are met. In addition, the flooring is slip resistant in the transport areas and easy to clean. The resulting state-of-the-art hatchery can produce 5 million chicks a year in a highly efficient and environment-friendly way.

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