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ship deck specialist for ferries

Bolidt is the specialist in ship deck systems for ferries. With innovative systems, materials and solutions for ship decks, Bolidt meets the requirements of ship-owners, ferry services, architects, shipyards, interior designers and the huge variety of ferry users.
In recent years, the ferry industry focusses more and more on enriching the passenger experience during the crossing.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, application and refitting of deck systems, Bolidt is the logical choice for players in the world of ferries. They choose for the Bolidt innovative deck systems not only because of the unlimited colour and design possibilities for the public spaces where the passengers stay. The durable wearing surfaces for the driving decks on board of the RORO and ROPAX ferries are no less important. For every application there is a suitable Bolideck system. Among others, the durable wearing surfaces for heavy traffic and the more subtle but also durable wearing surfaces for passenger cars, bicycles and pedestrian traffic.

Innovative ship deck systems

FOR ferries

Concerning innovative deck systems, Bolidt provides everything under one roof. Thanks to this, Bolidt can optimally react to the wishes and demands of customers concerning safety, durability and design. Bolidt sets the present and future standard for deck systems for both ferries and river, sea and ocean cruise ships.


Bolidt deck systems are applied completely seamlessly and possess the necessary anti-slip properties and the corresponding certification. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and improves passenger and crew safety. Bolidt deck systems are water resistant and provide optimal safety in both wet and dry conditions. Naturally, Bolidt deck systems are IMO certified and comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

Infinite design possibilities

On board of a ferry, the travelling time is shorter than that on a (river) cruise ship. Passengers often spend just a few hours or a night, and sometimes take their car with them. Despite this, there is much attention for the passenger experience. For colour and design, Bolidt deck systems offer infinite possibilities. At Bolidt, you will find everything under one roof; from design to application. Whatever your functional and design wishes, Bolidt makes them come true!

Durable and low-maintenance

Ferries face hundreds of thousands of footsteps and intensive roll-on roll-off traffic every day. This requires a deck system with a long service life. That counts for the inner and outer decks and also certainly for the driving decks. These are also anti-slip, low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. Because Bolidt deck systems do not absorb water, the growth of bacteria, algae, sea weed and fungi is minimal.

For each space

Each space on board of a ferry poses specific requirements for the decks. Outer decks, inner decks, driving decks, restaurant, toilets; for each space, Bolidt provides the right deck system.

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Bolideck® 1250

For years and years, Bolidt makes deck systems for applications on board of ferries. The preferred choice for the driving decks on ferries is Bolideck® 1250. This tough elastic synthetic wearing layer is very suitable for intensive car traffic thanks to the balanced layer thickness. There is a choice of additives. These determine the final anti-slip properties and the appearance.

Low maintenance

Bolideck® 1250 is applied in situations where wear resistance, anti-slip properties, durability and mechanical strength are required, such as driving decks and ramps. Bolideck® 1250 bonds permanently on steel surfaces, even if they are constantly moving. After curing, Bolideck® 1250 is resistant to salts, water and oil remains. The system is virtually maintenance-free and provides permanent grip for vehicles and pedestrians.

KOMO certificate

The Bolideck® 1250 system has the KOMO certificate based on BRL 9143.

Goes together perfectly

The Bolideck® 1250 deck system is compatible with all existing Bolideck® deck systems. In addition, it can be fully adapted to your wishes and specification in consultation with our specialists.

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