Eco-Friendly Super-yachts: Defeating Stereotypes

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    Eco-Friendly Super-yachts:
    Defeating Stereotypes

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Eco-Friendly Super-yachts

Whilst traditionally the word ‘superyacht’ conjures up images of luxurious vessels that consume endless fuel, there has been a recent drive in the industry towards a more sustainable approach. Though you may not be able to call a superyacht eco-friendly, designers are certainly making an effort in the right direction. The words eco and luxury no longer have to cancel each other out.

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One particularly notable project is Ocean Supremacy, the world’s largest ‘eco’ super-yacht at 42 meters long. Ocean Supremacy sets the bar high for the rest of the industry to follow. With a top speed of 53 knots, the yacht does not sacrifice its agility for increased efficiency, in fact it holds a position in the top 10 fastest yachts in the world! These impressive standards are met all round, with a state-of-the-art eco system that produces remarkable results. The yacht harnesses a 9MW Solar Hybrid Propulsion system that’s fuelled by a combination of solar, wind, wave and biomass diesel power. The system equips all of the surrounding resources to reduce the yacht’s fuel consumption by 50 percent.

Whilst flashing an impressive set of ‘eco-friendly’ credentials, the vessel sticks to certain traditions and offers everything you would expect from a superyacht… and more. She sports a swimming pool, an open-air outdoor cinema with retractable giant flat-screen, 

a master suite bedroom (equipped with double jacuzzi) and four luxurious guest cabins.

Also furthering the green yacht movement, with a different approach, is Arcadia Yachts. Their clients come from all over the world, in search of ‘ecological yachts’, proving the existence of a worldwide growth in a desire for greener alternatives. Chief engineer and designer Francesco Guida attributes the company’s success to practical, simple solutions. Rather than investing in hybrid propulsion systems, Guida took note of how many people would buy yachts with a top speed of 30 knots, yet would rarely travel at such speeds. It’s not an ideal cruising speed, especially with a family on board. Hence, more often than not yachts wouldn’t end up going above 14 knots, for a more comfortable experience. The problem is, cruising at a reduced speed for such a boat is extremely uneconomical. 

Taking this into consideration, the Arcadia line of models are designed to cruise at a comfortable speed, without wasting fuel unnecessarily.

Although superyachts may not have shaken off the stereotype of being an extravagant self-indulgence, it is impressive and exciting to see the industry striving for greener productions. After all, yacht lovers are inherently sea lovers, so why shouldn’t they care?

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