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The mere aroma is savoured by many and makes them feel like having a cup: coffee. Its counterpart tea is an equally regular part of home and office life. Very soon after it was founded in 1818, Drie Mollen in the Dutch city of Den Bosch saw great commercial potential for these two natural products. A correct assessment, because since World War II the company has become one of the largest coffee roasters in Europe. In addition to roasting and selling coffee and tea themselves, Drie Mollen act as a specialist consultant to support companies that (want to) market their private brand of coffee or tea.

  • Drie Mollen Bolsward Bolidtop 300
  • Drie Mollen Bolsward Bolidtop 300

Finding the right strategy is crucial. Drie Mollen help find and implement the best store concept, choose the appropriate range and packing material to go with it and monitor product quality. The objective is to make the customers of these companies (more) loyal to their chosen brand of coffee and tea.

Bolidt is proud that Drie Mollen have also shown loyalty to their chosen brand. Twelve years ago, they first chose the Bolidtop® 700, followed in later years by systems such as the Bolidtop® 500 deco, the Bolidtop® 550 and recently by a Bolidtop® 300 deco. What can we say? We have chosen and developed our company concept very carefully and it works wonders!

The concept behind every single one of our systems is different and this is exactly what makes them such a success.

Customized solutions are never a problem, rather the norm. At SABIC Innovative Plastics for instance, Bolidt first used BOLISCREED® 800 for levelling and then installed the Bolidtop® 700 system without a topcoat. Although highly unusual, it was the ideal solution in that specific case. The Bolidtop® 300 is an excellent choice for the production area of Drie Mollen. It both looks good and is functional, not too much or too little of anything. Roasting coffee is a specialist trade, but it does not require particularly special flooring. 

The Bolidtop® 300 is an attractive, hygienic flooring system that produces a dust-free surface and is suitable for medium-heavy loads. It is wear-resistant and a sprinkling of deco flakes gives its appearance a little extra zest. It is smooth, clean, hygienic and aesthetic as well. Somewhat special after all, but in a way every flooring system from Bolidt is. It is not hard to guess what the Bolidt specialists enjoyed after work …a fresh cup of coffee!

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