• Delhaize Bosuil Deurne dakparking Bolidrain

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The grass is always greener on the other side. It looks like our southern neighbours are eager to live up to this saying. The Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize makes no secret of its ambitious plans and progressive approach. Delhaize is always looking for and introducing food novelties, contributes to the health of its staff and customers (winning the ‘Partner of Excellence’ award for this in 2009) and goes to particular lengths to offer high-quality products, convenience and service. Checks are performed all along the production chain, also on the composition and quality of the products.

  • Delhaize Leopold III Brussel Bolidrain
  • Delhaize Leopold III Brussel Bolidrain
  • Delhaize Leopold III Brussel Bolidrain
  • Delhaize Bosuil Deurne dakparking Bolidrain
  • Delhaize Bosuil Deurne dakparking Bolidrain
  • Delhaize Bosuil Deurne dakparking Bolidrain

Specialist structural engineering firm recommends Bolidrain

Not just products and production are subject to stringent checks. The asphalt that had been in use for many years, had become a thorn in the side of the ambitious chain due to an endless string of wear issues. A bad rooftop car park is no more acceptable than any other bad product. The grass may be invitingly green, it serves no purpose for high-quality parking. Delhaize is wise enough to call in the professionals when needed and has been using the expertise of Bureau Bouwtechniek for some time. In view of their specialist knowledge of rooftop car parks, Delhaize was confident that this was exactly the right firm to find them the best and highest quality solution.

Their critical eye focussed on Bolidt once more. Once more, because they had already worked with Bolidt in the past on the Inno Bascule project in Ukkel, which had been a very positive experience. For this reason, Bureau Bouwtechniek had no hesitations in presenting the Bolidrain® system as the solution that would best fit Delhaize’s requirements. No sooner said than done. After a number of positive conversations, Bolidt could set to work.

Proven quality and innovativeness

An excellent match, because Bolidrain® also stems from a drive for quality and innovation. Within the space of eight days, 225 tonnes of material was processed in order to apply 2800 m2 of Bolidrain®.

All of this material was mixed on site and then applied with the paver, a machine that was purpose-developed by Bolidt. As was to be expected, Delhaize kept a close eye on the project. What is green, should stay green! The material and its composition were subjected to strict quality controls. Regular samples of the material were taken for analysis before it could be applied. The flawless end result proves that Bolidt has passed the checks with flying colours.

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