Bolidt proves that there is no such thing as waste

  • TUDelft Recycling Event

    Bolidt proves
    that there is no such thing
    as waste

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Bolidt and Delft University of Technology jointly organised a sustainable introduction activity for its first-year Architecture students.

  • TUDelft Recycling Event
  • TUDelft Recycling Event

At the start of each academic year, TU Delft organises a freshers’ weekend designed for new students to get to know each other, but also including a creative introduction to their studies, the university and the city.

Architecture students start exploring and designing the world around them from the very first day of their programme. Creativity and spatial sense play an important role. They are trained to design a better, more beautiful and sustainable living environment. After graduation they find employment as constructional engineers in, for instance, design agencies for architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.

Bolidt was on familiar ground in TU Delft. The company had previously installed its flooring systems in several of the university’s spaces. Having proven itself as a sustainable partner, Bolidt was asked to help the architecture department think up a creative, green and musical activity for its new students.

Sustainability is one of the topics covered in the first-year curriculum. Bolidt knows like no other how to put this topic into action. Thinking of ways to improve sustainable performance throughout the organisation is everyday business for Bolidt.

By continuously driving efficiency in the entire value chain, for instance, Bolidt achieves savings in time, labour and transportation, which in turn reduces time spent in traffic jams and corresponding CO2 emissions. Bolidt’s synthetic systems contain a minimum 85% of natural raw materials. In addition, Bolidt systems last a lifetime and by resurfacing existing systems, Bolidt gives the systems a second life.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which Bolidt expresses its commitment to sustainability. The TU Delft students, for their part, were able to experience how Bolidt thinks about reusing waste. In Bolidt’s book, there is no such thing as waste.

Using a variety of leftover materials from Bolidt, the students harnessed their creative skills to create musical instruments out of these materials. Metal containers turned into drums, lids into cymbals, leftover synthetics into connecting pieces and sanding dust into a distortion unit.

In short, the result was a unique collection of creative instruments. After composing a song detailing the characteristic traits of each group member, the students played the instruments in a short performance.

These students have done a wonderful job of showing that there is no such thing as waste. All the materials were used in the process. The group of students who demonstrated this in the most creative way was invited by Bolidt to a Bolidroom Experience, Bolidt’s creative laboratory to help architects realise their wildest dreams. This workshop-based approach enables the prospective architects and designers to experiment with special synthetic applications, such as bespoke colours, patterns, art and textured forms.

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