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Car park PGGM

In 2012, PGGM extended its existing headquarters in Zeist by 25,000 m2 of office space. Plus a three-level underground car park. The parking surface no longer met requirements. Especially during spells of rain and frost, this created dangerous situations. Bolidt resurfaced the 28,000 m2 car park with its parking systems, including Boligrip® W and Bolidtop 200®, as well as 1,000 easily recognisable parking bays featuring the company logo.

  • Parkeergarage PGGM Zeist Boligrip 1250
  • Parkeergarage PGGM Zeist Boligrip 1250

Vapour-permeable system prevents groundwater problems

Just like PGGM, Bolidt supplies solutions that are as tailored as possible. For each zone in the car park, the most optimal solution was chosen. Bolidt fitted the concrete substrate at the very bottom of the car park, which is located below groundwater level, with a vapour-open system. This breathable coating allows rising damp to escape from below on the one hand and, on the other, is impermeable to harmful liquids on top of it. This prevents the water pressing against the concrete from causing blistes in the parking surface.

Extra strong coating for intensive usage

The entry and exit ramps of the car park have the most to deal with. That is why Boligrip® W was chosen for these surfaces. This high-strength parking system ensures that PGGM employees and visitors will be able to safely reach a parking space again for the next 15 years. The liquid-tight Bolidtop® 200 was selected for the parking bays. Bolidtop® 200 is able to withstand the damaging effects of turning wheels, oil seepage and corrosive substances such as road salts. Bolidt applied this system to create 1,000 parking bays in vibrant colours, helping people to easily find their cars. As an additional feature, the PGGM logo is incorporated into the parking bays, which makes anyone who uses the car park feel extra welcome.

Renovation on a tight deadline

The application specialists from Bolidt provided the 28,000 m2 car park with new parking systems within a short period of time. In close consultation with contractor Ballast Nedam, the project was carefully planned and carried out. Adhesion and skid resistance tests were conducted by Bolidt’s laboratory every day to make sure that the synthetic parking systems complied with all the requirements. The car park could remain open throughout the renovation, because Bolidt managed to minimise disruption.

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