Headquarters Scania Benelux

  • Scania Nederland Bolidtop 525

    Seamless floors throughout workshop,
    showroom and offices

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Headquarters Scania Benelux

Scania’s new Benelux headquarters provides their heavyweights with the showroom they deserve. In Breda, shiny new trucks of impressive dimensions are lined up next to the latest bus models and industrial engines. Each Scania truck or bus is unique and custom made, but they all share the unmistakable high Scania quality.

  • Scania Arnhem en Eindhoven Bolidtop 700
  • Scania Nederland Bolidtop 525

Loyal, long-standing partnership

Scania and Bolidt were no strangers to each other. The Swedish transport giant was introduced to Bolidt’s flooring systems about ten years ago. Since then, Bolidtop® 700 has been successfully installed in several of Scania’s workshops. Whether for new or existing facilities, Bolidt always sits down with Scania to look at specific wishes concerning finish and lining, so that the employees in each location are able to work efficiently, safely and in an environment-friendly way. The signature Scania logo, the roaring ‘King of the Road’, takes pride of place in a number of the workshop floors.

Robust flooring system in the workshop

It was a matter of course that the workshop in the Benelux headquarters would be fitted with the seamless, liquid-tight Bolidtop® 700 flooring system. In line with their ecology-minded, sustainable vision, Scania wanted to ensure that polluting substances, such as petrol, lubricants and diesel, could not penetrate into the substrate. The robust floor finishing system is highly impact and shock resistant, so falling tools and high mechanical loads do not cause any problems. The slightly slip resistant surface also contributes to a safe working environment. Another important pillar of Scania’s operations.

Sophisticated flooring choice for the showroom

A remarkable aspect of this project was that Scania decided to also have Bolidt flooring installed in the showroom, offices and large reception areas. The Swedish manufacturer was mainly familiar with the industrial flooring in its workshops, but after seeing other flooring systems from Bolidt, Scania preferred having flow-applied flooring in these spaces too. The Bolidtop® 525 flooring range provided the transport company with the option to use different colours as well as the endless aesthetic possibilities. The result is that Scania Benelux has an impressive looking headquarters where they are proud to welcome all their (local and international) business partners.

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