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Banvit once again chooses Bolidt. The poultry producer has every confidence in Bolidt’s synthetic flooring due to excellent experiences at the hatchery in Bandirma, Turkey. That is why, for its new hatchery in Elâzığ, Banvit again opted for the Bolidtop® 700. This flooring system meets all the requirements that Banvit set in terms of hygiene and safety. Also important: as Bolidt keeps everything in-house – from the development of the floors to their application - Banvit can be assured of the very best quality synthetic flooring.

  • Banvit Hatchery Turkey Bolidtop 700
  • Banvit Hatchery Turkey Bolidtop 700
  • Banvit Hatchery Turkey Bolidtop 700

Banvit is one of the pioneers of the Turkish poultry industry. The company was the first producer to market pre-packed chicken and turkey products in Turkey. Banvit is by its own account adapting to changes in Turkish society: as the number of women working (and having less time to cook) increases, so does the demand for convenience products. 

Hygiene is extremely important in chicken and turkey production: a bacterial outbreak can have disastrous consequences for a hatchery. The flooring plays an important role in this. Bacteria should, under no circumstances, be able to nestle in cracks or seams. No one is more intimately familiar with the strict requirements the poultry industry dictates than Bolidt.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production and application of sector-specific synthetic flooring, Bolidt is in worldwide demand as a partner to hatcheries and slaughterhouses.

Bolidt again

Banvit already chose Bolidt in 2013 when the company built a new hatchery in the Turkish city of Bandirma. The Bolidt flooring in this ultramodern production facility was selected because it meets Banvit’s hygiene and safety requirements, including HACCP standards. Additionally, Banvit made its decision based on the positive experiences of other poultry producers, such as Cobb, also in Bandirma, and Aviagen Anadolu, for whom Bolidt had previously installed hygienic flooring. 

The Bolidt flooring in Bandirma has fully lived up to expectations. This was the reason Banvit chose Bolidt again in 2017. In the new hatchery in Elâzığ, where broiler chicks are produced, Bolidt’s own specialised application teams installed over 3,200 m2 of Bolidtop® 700. Especially developed for the poultry industry, this innovative seamless flooring system connects perfectly to drains and gullies, giving bacteria no chance to grow. 

Not only is the Bolidtop® 700 system hygienic, it is also very safe. The floor finish remains slip resistant in wet conditions, protecting Banvit’s employees from unpleasant slips, but not to an extent that would make cleaning difficult. On the contrary, the Bolidtop® 700 system is easy to clean and well able to withstand high-pressure washing and (chemical) cleaning products.

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