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Older generations will remember it well: putting your hand out and feeling the biting pain of the ruler coming down. Punishment for doing something that wasn’t allowed. But that’s not what you’re thinking about when you’re standing in front of a mouth watering baker’s. Rows of display cabinets full of chocolates, rolls, biscuits, buns, cakes, pastries and tarts. Who’s thinking about the obstacle course you have to go through before all those goodies can melt in your mouth? It’s not easy. The food industry always has to make sure to avoid the dreaded ruler.

  • Banket Partners Zwaag Bolidtop 700
  • Banket Partners Zwaag Bolidtop 700

And it’s the ‘big boys’ in particular, such as Banketpartners in Zwaag, whose products, personnel, processes and production set-up are scrutinised. Mechanical operational processes in the food industry are regulated by local, national and even international authorities. There may be goodies aplenty in the baker’s window, but having to comply with all the (new) requirements and the HACCP standards, year in, year out, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Every new shot fired could mean the end, and the time when every cake or pastry was made in-house from scratch with individual baking ingredients has long since passed.

Time, costs and quality have to balance, while the pressure of the competitive market only increases. As an end user, Banketpartners decides how to deflect those hygiene and quality bullets itself, and one thing it has chosen is an armoured, ‘bulletproof’ floor. Not literally, of course, but Bolidt’s Bolidtop® 700 floor system is a worthy adversary for all those requirements! More than that, it makes a major contribution to obtaining the necessary approval.

The Bolidtop® 700 system meets all HACCP standards. It’s strong and hard-wearing, easy to clean, extremely hygienic thanks to its entirely seamless character, and resistant to hot liquids, very cold ones and acids. Banketpartners is now equipped with 2,000m2 of this industrial flooring system, including scotia moulding. With Bolidtop® 700, complying with hygiene standards is a piece of cake!

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