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Tesla has recently opened its second factory in the Netherlands in Tilburg. The design of the new factory is durable and meets all requirements of the American company in the area of durability and proper current transfer in the floors. Due to the arrival of this new factory, the production capacity can be increased significantly which means more cars can be made roadworthy. The Bolidtop® Stato-floor ensures proper current transfer and contributes to the durability requirements of the company.

  • booster-tesla tilburg
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco

Revolution in automotive technology with Tesla

Tesla is an American company that designs and produces premium electric vehicles with a global network of outlets. At the moment Tesla produces the Model S sedan. Electric drives take care of breath-taking performances, whereby Model S reaches 100 km/h in just a few seconds. Parts are assembled in the factory in Tilburg after which the car is tested on the indoor test track in the building.

Durability awarded with certificate

Tesla’s new factory is extremely durable and has a BREEAM Outstanding certification. BREEAM is the instrument used to measure and assess the durability of new buildings.

This makes the Tesla building a special project that is currently the most durable distribution centre of the Netherlands. High requirements were set to the design of the new factory and the electrical resistance of the floor. A proper current transfer is required in order to prevent the refined electronic equipment from being affected by uncontrolled voltage discharge. A well conductive floor minimises potential explosion hazards and makes the risk of damage to equipment virtually nil.

Bolidtop® Stato-floor for optimal conduction

Tesla has chosen for a Bolidtop® Stato-floor because of, among other things, the electrical conductivity of this floor. Bolidt has developed this current-conducting floor finishes especially for this type of situations.

The Bolidtop® Stato-floors conduct without a complicated connection to an earthing system. Static electricity can be quickly discharged or even prevented, due to a special conductive underlayer in the floor which is in direct contact with the constructive cementitious substrate. This way the Bolidt floors prevent damage to the electrodes.

High growth expectations exist in terms of the assembly of Tesla cars in the Netherlands. There is enough space for expansion of the factory in Tilburg. In the course of next year, the new model X will therefore be assembled here.

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