Sustainable Solutions of 2016

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    Sustainable Solutions of 2016

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Sustainable soutions

2016 has been a phenomenal year in terms of sustainable developments. Whilst global warming isn’t going to stop, neither are designers going to stop developing solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring topics of the year.

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Oil Rigs Turned Sea-Life Supporting Skyscrapers?
Oil rigs are not typically associated with sustainability, which is why this project is so inspiring. Noah Oasis have designed a concept that transforms oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats. The current reaction to oil spills is slow and inefficient, inflicting severe damage upon the entire marine ecosystem. These floating structures are intended to pop up all over the globe, soaking up the oils to offer immediate aid.

But it’s not just an ocean clean-up taking place. This project would collect the oil from the surface of the sea and take it to their internal processors. Here the oil would be converted into a type of plastic that can be used as a building material in the creation of coral reefs. The concept somewhat resembles a hybrid between an oil rig and a tree. Pipes attach the rig to the bottom of the sea, like the roots of a tree. Whilst it will offer habitat to all kinds of life, bringing bio-diversity and shelter back to the oceans.

Solar Energy: The Future is Bright
This year has seen a huge leap of development in the department of solar energy. Whilst we are used to seeing big clunky solar panels atop of roofs, perhaps soon it will be unnoticeable. New Energy Technologies are developing windows that generate electricity. Not only do these surfaces collect energy from direct sunlight, but also from shady conditions as well as artificial lighting! The implications are enormous; the technology could be fitted across the glass surfaces of today’s high-risers.

Another innovation in the realm of solar harvesting comes from Tesla. Earlier this year Elon Musk gave a presentation on their latest technologies. The most fascinating development revealed was camouflage solar tiles. These ‘tiles’ come in four different styles and merge the line between sustainable and stylish. Solar Roof aims to make going green the most desirable action possible.

Koen Olthuis
An architect we covered earlier this year, Koen Olthuis is one of the most cutting-edge thinkers in the industry. With Waterstudio he strides from project to project, totally transforming the way we think about the built environment. As the name of his firm suggests, they predominantly work with water. That means just about every project he completes is floating, whether it be out in the ocean, or connected to a city.

But all this water business isn’t just for fun and games; there’s a vision behind it. Koen believes that a sustainable future lies in the development of water architecture. From floating hotels with fully fledged golf courses, to portable schools place in the slums of Bangladesh, his projects will inspire you.

An example of one such project is in the Maldives, where not one of the 1200 islands are more than 6 feet above sea level. In efforts to stay above water, the whole country has become carbon neutral, all children are now students of environmental science, and retaining walls have been built around every island.

Their latest strategy comes from Waterstudio and consists of star-shaped islands which are tiered with lush green roof terraces, complete with pools and beaches. No matter how high sea levels rise, the islands will simply float upon the water.

There you have it, the three most inspiring topics of 2016. We look forward to a whole new year of sustainable innovations.

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