How Bolidt adds value in the seafood industry

  • Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam Bolidtop 700

    How Bolidt adds value

    in the seafood industry


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The seafood industry is one of scrupulous standards and procedures where hygiene and safety is concerned. With frequent exposure to extreme temperatures, from icy cold to boiling hot water, flooring needs to be strong and resilient. Beyond just water, there is a multitude of substances hitting the floor; chemicals, blood, fish guts, and more. Henceforth, the quality of the floor becomes paramount. If an establishment doesn’t comply with food safety industry standards, their overall export and turnover comes under threat. Bolidt is well aware of the necessary procedures and, thus, makes sure that all standards are met. Here’s three reasons why Bolidt is the way to go.

  • Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam Bolidtop 700
  • Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam Bolidtop 700

Food safety

Any facility handling food faces a whole host of industry standards, and this is especially true for the seafood sector. Organizations and certifications such as the HACCP, the BRC Global Standards, the Global G.A.P, IFS Food, and ISO 22000 Food Safety all ensure that every factor within the facility is as efficient, safe and as hygienic as possible. Without such regulations, public health could be at risk.

Bolidt flooring is a firm foundation for meeting all of these requirements. Its pore-free nature and impermeable quality allow for an easy clean and leave no space for scratches or bacterial growth. Bolidt specializes in providing details that feature no gaps or inconsistencies. Without a seamless connection between drainage points and skirting boards, germs have the chance to germinate and multiply. We focus on making a seamless connection between the walls and floors to avoid right-angles and corners. Bolidt can achieve this through a coved skirting. We also provide patented anti-microbial technology that kills bacteria on contact. A good flooring application leaves no space for the growth of bacteria, literally.


Mechanical and chemical resistance

A floor should be able to withstand decades of usage with heavy mechanical interaction. On top of this, a seafood processing facility experiences rigorous cleaning routines that require a chemically resistant surface. A crack in the flooring or an outbreak of bacteria could see production lines come to a halt. Bolidtop® 700 can take at least 600 kilograms per square centimeter and has been tested with the most common cleaning agents used in the industry.

When it comes to durability, Bolidt takes a lifetime-perspective. We see our floors serving clients for 20 to 30 years after the initial application. We also offer maintenance contracts, which involve annual maintenance inspections on our behalf, to ensure the highest quality and the longest possible lifetime.


Worker safety

Another topic of utmost importance is the safety of the employee. With ice, water, and fish, it’s almost inevitable that a seafood processing facility will face slippery conditions. However, Bolidt flooring systems provide the option of an anti-slip finish. Even in wet conditions, the slip-resistant quality perseveres. This in turn greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls among employees, improving the safety and the overall quality of a facility.

These are just some of the reasons that make Bolidt an ideal partner for the seafood industry. With over 50 years of experience, Bolidt understands the needs of such a high risk environment. In an industry where hygiene and safety are paramount, the quality of your floor is a crucial factor. See our fish industry profile for more information or connect with our Seafood Expert Marco Toorman.


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