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Rabobank Utrecht

A bank with ideas. The current slogan, which raises expectations. The very first idea was implemented over a hundred years ago and is still at the core of their success: a bank without shareholders. The co-operative Rabobank has not exactly lost out on this idea, with currently around 10 million clients, 1.9 million members, 139 local branches, 61,000 fte in 47 countries, more than 40 years of TV commercials and a top credit rating. The modern and important concept of ‘corporate sustainability’ also comes natural.

  • Rabobank Utrecht Bolidtop 300
  • Rabobank Utrecht Bolidtop 300

Their co-operative identity and corporate sustainability are branches of the same tree as far as the Rabobank is concerned. ‘The bank and its members are one’. This tree is growing stronger and stronger, abundant with knowledge, expertise, networks, collaborations, customers, innovative ideas and successful new products.

At the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht, however, the parking facilities were not quite the picture of strength. It was time for a durable touch of style. It was time to call in Bolidt. This specialist had already restored dignity to ING’s car park, so Rabobank was not about to settle for anything less. A bank without shareholders, but with requirements: a high-quality, wear-resistant finish that prevents screeching tire noises and is easy to clean.

Clothes make the man, so this new coat also needed to have a stylish design. A smart choice indeed to leave this up to Top ‘floor fashion’ Designer Bolidt. The 17,000 m2 of Bolidtop® 300 RF have turned the parking facilities into a true top model, worth all the attention. The chosen combination of a light grey driving surface with dark grey parking bays provides a fresh appearance and the impression of space and openness. The dark-coloured bays have the added advantage of camouflaging any spills and leaked fluids from parked cars. The completely seamless, liquid-tight ‘RF’ finish is extremely durable and wear resistant. It is also resistant to relevant chemicals such as fuel, coolant and engine oil. The ‘Rough Finish’ contains special additives, developed by Bolidt.

This mysterious bit of magic does not only dampen tyre noise, but provides lasting slip resistance as well. As a result, employees and visitors can safely drive, cycle or walk in and out of the car park, also in wet or wintry conditions. Now it is time for a round of applause. For a bank with style.

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