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Hygienic floor for new biscuit and wafer factory Orkla in Latvia

Multinational Orkla wanted a reliable floor for its new biscuit and wafer factory in Latvia. Because Bolidt manages everything in house, it was able to get right down to work and deliver the extremely hygienic Bolidtop® 700 system to Orkla on schedule. Exactly the floor Orkla was looking for.

  • Orkla Latvija bakery
  • Orkla Latvija bakery
  • Orkla Latvija bakery

Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Norwegian conglomerate Orkla has around 300 brands and more than 21,000 employees. And yet the name Orkla is barely known in the Netherlands. This is because the company is mainly active in the Nordics, as well as in the Baltics and in selected countries in Central Europe and in India. In these regions Orkla supplies a wide range of products: food, confectionery and snacks and food ingredients, care and health products, cleaning products, paint products and clothing.

The fact that Orkla does not limit its activities to the Nordics is apparent from the substantial investment the company is making in Latvia. In the city of Ādaži, Orkla is having an ultramodern factory built with 13 production lines and covering more than 30,000m2. Orkla’s new production unit specialises in the production of biscuits and wafers and should be operating at full capacity in 2023. 

The construction of the modern, efficient and above all sustainable factory aligns well with Orkla’s strategy, which is strongly centred on innovation. 

The company sees it as its mission to make customers’ lives ‘a little better every day’ by providing quality products. From Ādaži, Orkla wants to create new products and develop strong local brands further. According to Orkla, the new production unit will enable Orkla to continue building on innovations.

Full control

When you say quality, sustainability and innovation, you say Bolidt. It’s hardly surprising then that Bolidt was commissioned to supply the flooring for Orkla’s new factory in Latvia. And that floor system was the Bolidtop® 700, an extremely wear-resistant and durable system that has already proven itself at many food companies. The reliable system is seamless, pore-tight and easy to clean, making it extremely hygienic. The non-slip top coat also makes the Bolidtop® 700 very safe. These are exactly the requirements Orkla set for the flooring in the new production unit.

Unlike the competition, Bolidt could assure Orkla that it could deliver the floor on schedule, the big advantage of handling the entire value chain in house. Not only does Bolidt develop and test floor systems, it also produces them. What’s more, Bolidt’s own staff handle the installation. This allowed Bolidt to respond agilely and quickly and offer Orkla security of supply. And there’s another advantage for Orkla in Bolidt having full control over all aspects: Bolidt can install the same floor system anywhere in the world. If the multinational decides to open new production units elsewhere, Bolidt can supply a synthetic system with exactly the same specifications as in Latvia. This also means considerable time savings and optimum security of supply. The reliable system is seamless, pore-tight and easy to clean, making it extremely hygienic.

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Recently, a special time capsule was laid in the foundations of Orkla Biscuit Production plant to leave a message for the generations to come.

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