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    Grout G2


Floor-to-wall coving is a seamless transition created between floors and walls, because we sell hygiene in the health care and food segments. 53.2064 BOLIDT GROUT E/GP is a material that is used in high-grade concrete repairs. We also use this material in various systems to create coving for floor-to-wall transitions.  

Application has found the current BOLIDT GROUT E/GP material difficult to work with for years. At room temperature, the grouting material is very thick and has a short working time. The grout has an even thicker consistency at 10°C, making it difficult to create smooth transitions. At 30 °C the grout is easier to work with, but has the disadvantage of an even shorter pot life. This makes it necessary to always follow up the grout work with a brush to smooth away irregularities. 

The lab stepped in to help and developed a new formula called L4.1519 BOLIDT GROUT G2. This material does not have a thick consistency at 10, 20 or 30 °C. The new BOLIDT GROUT G2 material is easy to apply in all conditions, without requiring a lot of effort and muscle! As the pot life has also been extended, the material remains workable for longer. With the new formula producing a smooth, even surface, a brush finish is no longer required!