Bolidtop 500 Deco

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    Bolidtop® 500 Deco

Bolidtop® 500 Deco

Due to sparingly strewn coloured flakes in the compound this wear resistant flooring system, which was originally formulated for industrial applications, looks fresh and decorative. The level and cast system is suitable for medium (fork-lift truck) traffic. And: seamless, durable, impermeable to fluids, low-maintenance and applied on site by own specialists.

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Technical properties

Bolidtop 500 Deco is a 2.3 mm thick floor finishing based on low-viscous, two component synthetic resins with little odour. The Bolidtop 500 Deco which is applied in liquid form gives an even surface structure due to its excellent flow characteristics. The seamless character, the adhesion and the durability are such that medium loads such as forklift trucks and heavy pallet wagons can do their work. Bolidtop 500 Deco is resistant to the most usual chemicals. Decorative additives and a wide range of colours gives the architect a great number of possibilities.

Mechanical properties

Bolidtop 500 Deco is resistant to the most usual loads.

Forklift traffic
Falling objects
Foot traffic
Motorized pallet trucks

Chemical resistivity

Bolidtop 500 Deco is resistant to the most usual chemicals and cleaning products.


Electrical properties

No electrical properties have been specified for Bolidtop 500 Deco.

Resistance structure
Safety resistance
Discharge time


Akzo Nobel
Alcon Puurs
Deli Grecia Panama
Friesland Campina
KLM catering services
Meilong Food China
UMC Radboud Nijmegen
Vergeer Cheese
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