Bolidt application teams visit Chinese food giant

  • Future Bright Bakery Macau Bolidtop 700

    Bolidt application teams visit Chinese
    food giant

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The versatility of the Future Bright Group in Macau cannot be denied. The company not only produces foodstuffs and beverages, but is also the owner of at least 40 restaurants, bowling alleys and gift stores in Macau and on the Chinese mainland. In the restaurants, the cuisine is, among others, Cantonese, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese. As a manufacturer, Future Bright supplies its own catering businesses and various five-star hotels in Macau. To be able to grow further, the company - more than 1,600 employees - has expanded the foodstuffs factory and bakery in Macau recently. Those who say foodstuffs, say hygiene. And those who say hygiene, say Bolidt. Because when it concerns hygiene, the Bolidt synthetic floors can make all the difference, also in the Far East. Therefore, Future Bright chose for the Bolidtop® 700 floor system. Seamless, pore-free and rock solid.

  • Future Bright Bakery Macau Bolidtop 700
  • Future Bright Bakery Macau Bolidtop 700

In a "food processing factory", bacteria may absolutely not get the chance to settle in gaps and joints. The seamless Bolidtop® 700 therefore meets the highest standards in the realm of hygiene including the specified HACCP requirements. The floor is pore-free and also stays that way. Additionally, the floor can resist high mechanical pressure caused by pallet transport, fork lift trucks and heavy machinery. Another advantage: The Bolidtop® 700 system is easy to clean, and provides sufficient safety thanks to the fact that it is non-slip.

Unique Bolidt approach

Not only the floor but also Bolidt's way of working is unique: We work with own application teams who apply floors all around the world. These specialised colleagues know the challenges of the food and bakery sector and apply Bolidt floors in factories like Future Bright's daily.


For applying a seamless floor, the connection to the walls is crucially important. Therefore, Future Bright also chose Bolidt plinths. These plinths are applied in one application using the same material. Bad news for the bacteria: Thanks to these plinths, the floor joins the walls seamlessly whereby gaps and joints are ruled out. Thus, these plinths ensure a food-safe and hygienic environment.

The Future Bright project is special in that the floor is supplied in 7 different colours. Thanks to this, employees know in which space they are and which conditions apply here, safeguarding the safety. Of course, the colours join together seamlessly.

Better surroundings and environment

Bolidt is specialised in developing, producing, selling and applying thermosetting synthetics, including floors for the food industry.

Since the foundation in 1964, Bolidt specialises in replacing traditional materials to contribute to better living surroundings and environment in the realm of safety, sustainability, energy & data, design and hygiene.

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