Flooring for educational facilities: A firm foundation

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    Flooring for educational facilities:

    A firm foundation

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flooring for educational facilities

With over 50 years of experience applying floors in all shapes and sizes across a wide scope of industries, Bolidt have earned a trustworthy name. We have the know-how to deliver on time, within a given budget. This is particularly important when it comes to the educational sector. As a school cannot simply close its doors, it’s necessary to work within strict deadlines, often in the holiday period. At Bolidt we are very aware of this and, thus, maintain a flexible application process. This, on top of several other qualities, make Bolidt a popular partner in the education industry.

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Durability in educational flooring

Naturally, one of the main concerns with a floor in a school is that it can stand the test of time. With thousands of footsteps covering it every day, it needs extreme durability. Bolidtop® 700 College is designed with this context in mind. The 5 mm layer is trowelled and compacted on site, rather than poured, which makes it exceptionally impact and scratch resistant. A Bolidt flooring system can be relied upon and is expected to last over 40 years.

Low maintenance
The qualities of the synthetic resin that we use equates to incredibly low maintenance needs. In fact, we guarantee at least 10 years of maintenance-free usage. As the floor is compounded on site, the surface is 100 percent pore-free. This makes it particularly easy to clean. The floor is also impermeable and able to withstand a weight of 600 kilograms per square centimeter. The resulting low repair and maintenance costs are invaluable in educational facilities where the preferred expenditure is on educational resources. The life-cycle costs over 40 years equate to 50% of the costs for traditional floors like linoleum. Durable investments in educational properties will increasingly be based on the overall cost of ownership, rather than the initial price.


Unlimited design
The design of a school is a brilliant way to represent the school’s ethos. It can make students feel comfortable, whilst reinforcing the identity and philosophy of the school. At Bolidt we specialize in making custom designs. Whether it be a pattern, a logo, or a colour theme, anything is possible. As all of our resources and manufacturing and application processes are in-house, we take a cooperative approach with the client. From the design process to the maintenance, we’re involved in every step of the way.

The power of colour
According to psychological research colour has been found to influence our mental performance by increasing our attentional level and arousal. Orange, for instance, stimulates critical thinking and memory, whilst green seems to have a relaxing effect. Such information is worth considering in the design process of an educational facility. Our range of colours make anything possible.


Within education, there is a great variety of spaces with different functions. Each space has different requirements concerning the floor. In the cafeteria floors will be exposed to food materials and soft drinks, whilst in a science lab there is the possibility of various chemicals hitting the floor.

Easy to clean
In the case of a spillage, Bolidt flooring is extremely easy to clean, as well as being chemically resistant. Bolidtop® 700 College does not have a wax or protective layer so dirt isn’t able to stick.

Seamless connections
Meeting hygiene standards in education is very important. Bolidt assists in creating a hygienic environment through its seamless finish. The pore-free surface leaves no hiding space for bacteria, whilst seamless connections can be made between walls and floors. No gaps or awkward corners makes it easier to clean and ultimately gives less space for bacterial growth.

Over the years we have completed a tremendous range of educational facilities. No matter how adventurous your idea, we can help you realize it. To hear more about how we serve the educational sector, see our flooring advice for education.

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