• CJIB Leeuwarden Bolidtop 525

    Architectural masterpieces in Leeuwarden
    are far from colourless

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The Van der Nootstraat in Friesland is not particularly special, but to Bolidt the street has special meaning. About 100 metres away from each other, both an office of the Dutch traffic fine collection service (CJIB) and a UPC office building are located here. Architectural masterpieces that are currently being handled with architect’s kid gloves in order to bring them to perfection / to write history with them/ to carve out a place in history for them.

  • CJIB Leeuwarden Bolidtop 525
  • CJIB Leeuwarden Bolidtop 525
  • CJIB Leeuwarden Bolidtop 525

The newly built office of the CJIB in Leeuwarden is a vital link in connecting the existing CJIB offices. Claus and Kaan Architects designed one clear overall shape that strikes the right local planning chord and at the same time ensures that the interior is of the highest possible quality. The transparency of the design implies that the interior defines the character of the building. A challenging job for Claus and Kaan, who had to create a sublime interior within this setting and wanted to reduce noise levels in the offices to an absolute minimum. Achieving this required thorough research and a great deal of brainwork from the architects.

They decided on a synthetic floor finish: the Bolidtop® Combi, which has been purpose developed to strongly reduce contact noise. It could also deliver what they were looking for in terms of colour. The interior had to be playfully steeped in grey and installing functional flooring of this colour made a valuable contribution.

At UPC, different architects were each given the responsibility to create a unique atmosphere on one of the floors. Each of them needed to excel in the key elements. One of the architects had something in mind that went beyond what existed.

Despite the extensive range of colours available from Bolidt, including NCS, Bolidt was asked to develop bespoke colours for the UPC building. Small details can make a big difference. The resulting Bolidtop® Fiftyfifty creates a beautifully mottled unity, translating the style and colour interpretation of the architect into 4500 m2 of flooring system. Due to the work of the architects, both projects are a success on all fronts. So do not let the project colours deceive you: Bolidt, which is still relatively unknown in the distant north of the country, will never be known as colourless there!

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