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  • Vedos Verspanende Techniek Venlo Bolidtop 700

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“Every day I think to myself: ‘This flooring is just perfect.”

For his new factory, manager and owner Frank Siepel chose the Bolidtop® 700 system. As far as he is concerned, the new flooring is perfect and the communication with Bolidt could not have been better.

  • Vedos Verspanende Techniek Venlo Bolidtop 700
  • Vedos Verspanende Techniek Venlo Bolidtop 700
  • Vedos Verspanende Techniek Venlo Bolidtop 700
  • Vedos Verspanende Techniek Venlo Bolidtop 700

Just like Bolidt, Vedos Verspanende Techniek knows exactly what it means to produce complex custom products to the highest possible standards. Based in Venlo, the Netherlands, the 20-staff company specialises in turning and milling various types of metals. The company has been manufacturing both metal and plastic precision machining products for high-end mechanical engineering applications since 1995. Vedos has customers in the medical, semiconductor, equipment and food industries.

For its new production site, Vedos went in search of a better alternative to the flooring in its existing building. This got slippery whenever liquids had been spilled and it did not give the desired impression as it stained quite easily. The new facility was fitted with Bolidtop® 700 flooring. Vedos’ proud manager and owner Frank Siepel was delighted with the result. “The flooring is a good fit for our company.

We work with heavy machinery and forklifts, so our requirements are quite high. The flooring must also be able to withstand the impact of activities such as grinding metal. The Bolidtop® 700 can take all of this and is easy to keep clean, but what I like most is its appearance. We have a white floor finish with a few plant pots here and there. It simply looks stunning. Every time I walk around the factory I think: ‘This flooring is just perfect.’”

Siepel is very positive about the communication with Bolidt. “Excellent from start to finish. The quotation and the advice were clear. In the Bolidt Innovation Center I was also provided with a clear explanation of the various flooring options. At the start of the project Bolidt let us know who to expect on which day, at what time and when the materials for the flooring would be delivered. During the application process, the communication was outstanding as well. After the flooring was finished, Bolidt’s own people collected all the waste and the building was delivered immaculately clean. Absolutely fantastic. That is what makes Bolidt really stand out for me.”

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