Now time for maintenance, soon full focus on students and learning.

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    Now time for maintenance, soon
    full focus on students and learning

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maintenance for educational facilities

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, many school buildings and university campuses are currently minimally occupied. Educational institutions can take this opportunity to undertake maintenance. Educational institutions that decide to invest in maintenance of their building at this time are well-advised to tackle the floor. At this time, such work can be carried out safely and without inconvenience to pupils and teachers. In addition, Bolidt has full control over all parts of the value chain, which means that with Bolidt, an agreement made is an agreement  kept, also during the coronavirus crisis. Investing in a new Bolidt pore-tight floor also means that hygiene in a teaching building will improve significantly.

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  • Krimpenerwaardcollege Krimpen a/d IJssel Bolidtop 700 College
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  • St. Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam Bolidtop 700 College
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  • IJssel College Capelle aan den IJssel Bolidtop 700 College

Due to the coronavirus measures taken by governments, visits to an educational building are being kept to a minimum. Pupils and students are attending online education sessions and the buildings are used to the  minimum. Although the reason for this is unfortunate, this period lends itself perfectly to undertaking maintenance – both long-term management and regular maintenance work. Once the coronavirus crisis has passed, the educational buildings will once again meet all requirements and the institutions’ focus can once again be entirely fixed on its primary purpose.

No maintenance costs

The vacancy of the buildings is a perfect time to tackle the floors in the educational buildings. Bolidt is now receiving the first applications from educational institutions that are thinking about the maintenance of their floor or have decided to invest in a new floor. Because the school buildings are empty, large areas can be covered by multiple application teams. For example, up to 1,000 m2 of floors can be maintained per week. Interestingly for educational institutions, because larger areas can be processed simultaneously, Bolidt is currently able to offer work more economically.

An empty school building or campus can also be an excellent reason to replace an existing floor. Those who opt for a new Bolidt floor would do well to consider maintenance and the total cost of ownership. A Bolidt floor is an investment, because it requires no maintenance, apart from daily cleaning. Moreover, the floor no longer needs to be replaced; it has the same lifespan as the building. Compare this to other floors. A linoleum floor, for example, must be stripped and waxed every year and will not last forever. The total cost of ownership of such floors is therefore considerably higher than that of Bolidt floors. Educational institutions can then use the financial space created by saving on maintenance costs on matters that are important, such as facilities and equipment for the classroom.

Improved hygiene

By purchasing a new Bolidt floor, educational institutions can greatly improve hygiene in their school buildings. The Bolidtop® 700 College floor is often used in education establishments. This completely closed floor is easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. An additional advantage is that the floor can be used in all areas, such as corridors, auditorium and classrooms, practice rooms and laboratories.

Finally, Bolidt is a reliable party in these uncertain times. When it was founded, the family business chose to keep all parts of the value chain in its own hands.

Bolidt not only develops and produces the floors, but also takes care of the application with its own specialized teams. Purchasing, sales and logistics are also done in-house. As a result, Bolidt is more able to respond quickly to questions from educational institutions, whether it concerns maintenance, repair or the construction of a new floor.

Minimizing health risks

Because Bolidt has daily meetings and intensive contact with its own people every day, the transfer of information is optimal and all health guidelines are implemented very effectively. This keeps the health risks for employees and also other parties at the construction location to a minimum. Bolidt's own SHEQ department ensures that work is carried out in a safe manner. Not only on location, but also at Bolidt's own production site, for example.

Educational institutions that want to know more about Bolidt's floor solutions can pay a virtual visit to the Bolidt Innovation Center during the coronavirus crisis. During a tour, specialists from the R&D Center talk about the hygienic functionalities of the floors and the color and design specialists show which colors and patterns are suitable for various spaces. 

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