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“We can never have enough of nature,” wrote Henry Thoreau in Walden. One might think that the modern generation, transfixed with social media and the latest technological devices, might disagree with these 19th century philosophical thoughts. But if the musings of some of the rising stars of the superyacht design field are anything to go by then nature is every bit as powerful and influential a force as it ever was.

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For Sardinia-based Nicolo Piredda, inspiration comes whenever he completely frees his mind from thoughts. “That could be in front of a beautiful sunset or while swimming in the pool,” says Nicolo.”But in the end I always translate it into the language of the sea, because the final result mustn’t be a piece of floating architecture or a super car. It must after all be the next super yacht!”

Dutch designer Nick Mezas grew up in the Caribbean island of Curacao and the beautiful nature of these idyllic surroundings continues to shape his design thinking. “I would fantasise about what an amazing experience it would be to discover other islands and see new horizons every day on your own private yacht,” he says. “Those memories have always stayed with me and still inspire me every day.”

Turkish visionary Timur Bozca, adds,“Nature is the world’s most effective designer. Millions of years of evolution have created some of the most sophisticated and efficient design solutions. And that is why inspiration often comes from the natural world and the animal kingdom.”

While nature may be a muse for the new generation, technology is the more practical enabler. It is, after all, technology that offers up scope to enhance the basic forms provided by nature to deliver customised solutions that will meet specific client needs in the future. As Nicolo observes,”We will see thinner structures, more glass and open spaces, but we will also witness a big domotics revolution, with onboard equipment and facilities becoming smarter and more automated. This will allow people to speak and interact with yachts in a way that facilitates onboard control.”

The rise in the number of younger ultra-high net worth individuals is also likely to push greater modernity to the forefront of the superyacht design process. “The main characteristics of a yacht’s hull will remain the same,” suggests Nick,”So it is up to us designers to push the boundaries of what is possible in both exterior and interior design in a clever way to meet the needs of these wealthy superyacht owners of the future.”

Over the next 20 years or so Timur says he expects to see new technologies exerting an even greater influence, with the increased use of glass in particular allowing space saving superstructures to be developed.”Engines and other equipment onboard will also take up less space so the interior areas will increase in size compared to now,” he suggests. “Also I believe we will see a new type of multifunctional superyacht that will combine features of a submarine and yacht together. A ‘subyacht’ perhaps!”


All new generation designers are faced with the task of developing  a superyacht that is truly different, offering new solutions and experiences for clients compared with contemporary designs. “This fact affects every choice during the design process,” suggests Nicolo,”One has to draw on the experiences of designers and naval architects in past decades, but also produce something that filters the pillars of the yachting industry with the fresh air needed for new design solutions. The yacht of tomorrow is always there, waiting one step ahead. It is up to us to deliver the right solutions to reach this next stage in the journey.”

Nick similarly highlights the importance of creativity and ‘thinking outside the box’ for the designers of today as they look to the future. “Delivering fresh and innovative designs is not only important, but also fun and exciting,” he reflects. “Every owner wants to build a yacht with their own vision or dream. I feel it is my responsibility to capture exactly what he or she is dreaming of and that, for me is the biggest challenge of all.”

Working with Bolidt gives these young designers a chance to deliver such dreams and visions. As Nicolo points out,”As soon as I stepped into Bolidt’s headquarters for the first time last year I could immediately appreciate the huge possibilities offered by their solutions. 

Studying Bolidt’s way of doing things helped me focus on the future needs of the market, as well as the environment, and shape my own ideas about next generation superyachts.”

Nick Mezas echoes these thoughts, paying tribute to the way Bolidt helps designers distinguish their work from others in this competitive sector: “Bolidt not only inspires designers with their synthetic systems, it encourages them to be daring and to experiment, with their products. This helps us build our vision for future generation superyacht designs, but makes it fun as well!”


Bolidt’s strong commitment to working with young designers in this specialist sector is stressed by Jacco van Overbeek, Director Maritime Division of Bolidt. He says,”It is vitally important that we engage with up-and-coming talent in the industry. This allows us to get valuable insights about the likely future direction of superyacht design and gives us a chance to inspire and encourage emerging designers, making they are fully aware of the capabilities of some of our exciting new products for superyacht decks and spaces.”

One of the ways that Bolidt aims to inspire young designers is by inviting them to their headquarters in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht for a Bolidream experience. Bolidream is a creative session in the Bolidt laboratory, where young designers can get the chance to experiment with some of the latest products and technology.

The ties forged such visits are long lasting. As Nick concludes,”The Bolidt team has always made me  feel welcome and almost part of the family. Whenever I need information or have questions during projects, Bolidt is quick to reply and provide me with what I need. It is easier to embrace the future knowing that Bolidt will be there to join me, and other designers, along the way!”

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