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  • HTM perrons Zoetermeer Boligrip WR

    Safety crucial in renovation of four
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The Hague Tram Company (HTM) and rail engineering firm Strukton have chosen Bolidt for the renovation of four HTM platforms. The guiding principle for this project was the safety of passengers. Irrespective of the weather conditions and whether they are carrying luggage or not, passengers should be able to use the platforms safely. Even if this involves running to catch a tram.

  • HTM perrons Zoetermeer Boligrip WR
  • HTM perrons Zoetermeer Boligrip WR
  • HTM perrons Zoetermeer Boligrip WR
  • HTM perrons Zoetermeer Boligrip WR

Durable and safe

Bolidt used the Boligrip® W-R GB flooring system for de renovation of the platforms. This innovative surface course combines a long life with optimum slip resistance. Properties specified by HTM, given the heavy foot traffic on the platforms and the fact that the same areas are frequently used to get on and off the trams. Providing for minimal wear of the surface course, which could lead to dangerous situations, the build-up of the Boligrip® system guarantees long-term safety. The markings Bolidt created on the non-slip finish have also improved safety on the platforms, as passengers need to know where they should walk, even when it is busy. The floor finish must, of course, also be resistant to road salts.

Speedy application

In addition to the above-mentioned functional properties of the Bolidt flooring system, a quick turnaround was vital to HTM and Strukton. The renovation had to be carried out during a planned blockade, which did not allow for any deviation. First the platforms on one side of the line were resurfaced and then the platforms on the other side. Bolidt had no problem delivering the required speed of application, partly because everything takes place under one roof at Bolidt: from development all the way though to application. The application was carried out by Bolidt’s own specialised application teams using machinery developed in-house. By making it possible to rapidly process large quantities of material each day, this ensured a full and successful delivery of the project within the agreed timeframe.

Car parks and bridges

The specific functional properties specified by the customer, HTM, for its platforms at the De Leyens, Leidse Wallen, Buytenwegh and Meerzicht stops, to a large extent match the properties of the surface courses that Bolidt frequently applies in the infrastructure sector, for instance on bridges and in car parks. The knowledge and skills acquired in that sector have been applied in the development and application of the Boligrip® floor finish for the HTM platforms.

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