Co-creation Across the Industry

  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco

    Co-creation Across the Industry

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co-creation across the industry

Co-creation is a fundamental building block of our work here at Bolidt. It results in our most valued projects, realizing dreams that surpass boundaries. At Bolidt we pride ourselves on being able to make any design that designers imagine in their mind. However, there’s much more to our collaborations than the aesthetics of a design. Not to be overlooked is the collaboration of functionality. Bringing unique functions to a unique environment.

  • EPR Bolidtop 525
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco
  • Bakkerij Allemeersch België  Bolidtop 525


A brilliant example of this is our collaboration with EPR. Their shiny new premises in Nijmegen produces and co-engineers industrial electronic modules and systems for the high-tech industry. Due to the nature of their work, eliminating and preventing static charge is absolutely vital. A buildup of static poses a threat to the sensitive electronic equipment, as well as the staff. Bolidt were able to offer a unique solution; the Bolidtop® Stato 500 flooring system. It’s an electrically conductive system with a long life, a seamless surface, and high wear resistance. Unlike most conductive flooring systems, it works without a complicated connection to an earthing system. Static electricity is quickly dissipated and even prevented from building up due to a special conductive underlayer that is in direct contact with the structural cement-bound subfloor.

Allemeersch Bakery

Through deliberate collaboration, all of Allemeersch’s needs were met for their new bakery in Belgium. Bolidt were able to offer a completely seamless flooring. The skirting, also created by Bolidt, connects perfectly to the floor, allowing no crease for bacteria to make residence in.

On top of that, the flooring was also fit seamlessly with the guttering, the number one hotspot for germs. Such measures are incredibly important when it comes to the baking industry. It’s an industry with very specific requirements to meet; there are strict hygiene regulations, as well as loose materials such as grains and flour posing safety threats. This calls for a very specialized flooring, which is exactly what Bolidt were able to offer.


Tesla is an electrical automotive company that constantly seeks to push boundaries. Their attitude was no less when it came to their new factory in Tilburg. It’s a unique building with a lot of special requirements. Automotive parts are assembled here, after which cars are tested on the indoor test track. This demands a flooring surface that will stand the test of time. It needed to be durable, with impact resistance to heavy machinery, as well as long-lasting against the tyre tracks of Tesla’s new motors. Besides durability, it also needed electrical resistance.  A proper current transfer is required in order to prevent the refined electronic equipment from being affected by uncontrolled voltage discharge. A properly conductive floor minimizes the chance of explosion and brings the risk of damaged equipment down to virtually nil.

This is exactly why the team at Tesla chose to collaborate with Bolidt and install a Bolidtop® Stato-flooring system.

The factory now holds a BREEAM Outstanding certification and is currently the most durable distribution centre of the Netherlands!


As you can see, we thrive on collaborating with all kinds of industries in all kinds of ways. It’s what we do best. That’s exactly the driving force behind our new Bolidt Innovation Center. It’s a space for great minds to come together in the exploration and experimentation of synthetics. At the heart of the Innovation Center will be the Research & Development department, whose main task is realizing the innovations dreamed up through creative collaborations. To find out more about this exciting new development, check out the website. We look forward to sharing more amazing collaborations with you in the future!

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