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  • Benzinger Bolidtop 700

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Benzinger Präzisionsmaschinen

It might be that your wedding ring has been engraved by it. Or that it has produced the frame of your car. Or that beautiful, shiny necklace that you have received as a gift. The machines of Benzinger Präzisionsmachinen are being manufactured for very versatile purposes. Benzinger’s products have a strong market position when it comes to machines that require rotating parts. For more than 90 years already the company understands its business, partly due to some 140 devoted employees.

  • Benzinger Bolidtop 700
  • Benzinger Bolidtop 700

They need to be, since they are working with (heavy) metals, which requires daily accuracy. The process is no piece of cake. Moving and lifting of materials, moving the machines, designing and implementing programming work, welding, connecting components with precision...Furthermore, customers regularly have personal requirements to be able to produce their specific products. With so many years of experience Benzinger does absolutely not lack any ingenuity, but in order to profit from that, they company also needs to rely on its working environment. How does one arrange that in the (heavy) metal industry?

By getting yourself a ‘muscleman’ with good character and flawless qualities. Not in the form of an employee, but in the form of a floor finish. Two floor finishes actually, that can stand hard wear, for many years. The Bolidtop® 700 and 700 RF. The last one is a variant of the Bolidtop® 700 series and is especially slip resistant. Since this series is particularly developed for use in industrial environments, it is characterized by permanent properties like excellent impact and shock resistance, being chemically resistant and withstanding heavy (mechanical) loads as well as intensive foot and forklift traffic.

The Bolidtop® 700 feels extremely at home at Benzinger. With these flooring systems, the functionally reliable and safe working environment and the beautiful look of the enormous factory balance each other out.

Precision work of Bolidt enabling the precision machines of Benzinger!

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