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Bolidtop Select is a series of seamless, flexible floor finishing systems, composed of three component thermosetting synthetic resins. During formulation of these 10 to15 mm thick systems, resins of high molecular value and a matrix of various elastic aggregates were used. The series, which consists of 20 different systems, excels in sound attenuation and UV resistance. All systems have an adjustable hardness and first-rate antiskid characteristics in dry and wet conditions. The Bolidtop Select-series comes in many forms.

Every system in the Select-series has its own finishing details and specific properties, tailored to the demands of the industry. If you are interested in the Bolidtop Select system for your industry, please look further in your application.

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Esa Estec Noordwijk
Groot Handelsgebouw Rotterdam
Intersport Bründl Kaprun
Maasland hospital Sittard
Marks & Spencer Swansea
Paradiso Amsterdam
State library Berlin
Swimming pool Genk
Paramount Kings Island Bolidtop Select Soft

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