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Bolidtop FiftyFifty is a 2-3 mm thick seamless flooring system based on two component viscous elastic synthetic resins with little odour. Trough the combination of two closely related colours the sytem lives up a space. Bolidtop FiftyFifty is supplied in a large number of tints. During hardening a permanent chemical anchoring to the surface is achieved.Bolidtop FiftyFifty inhibits noise to some extent and conducts heat. The system is very suitable for intensive pedestrian traffic. Bolidtop FiftyFifty is applied in liquid form.Bolidtop FiftyFifty can be cleaned manually or by machine using the usually available cleaning agents where there is a preference for the products marketed by Bolidt.

Every system in the FiftyFifty-series has its own finishing details and specific properties, tailored to the demands of the industry. If you are interested in the Bolidtop FiftyFifty system for your industry, please look further in your application.

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