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    Bolidtop® E.lo 20345-series


Bolidtop E.lo is a series of seamless, electrically conductive flooring systems with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. This series is based on three component thermosetting synthetic resins. During development the main aim was minimal body voltage generation (BVG) arising from friction between shoe and floor. For this reason, the Bolidtop E.lo is very suitable for environments in which highly sensitive components are assembled. This ESD-secure flooring series, consisting of 5 flexible systems, has been formulated in various degrees of hardness to promote comfort in walking and working.The Bolidtop E.lo-series is available in 70 Bolidt Colour Manager unicolour shades, with coloured functional flakes.

Every system in the E.lo-series has its own finishing details and specific properties, tailored to the demands of the industry. If you are interested in the Bolidtop E.lo system for your industry, please look further in your application.

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Drechtwerk Dordrecht
Hittech Den Haag
Janssen Pharmaceutica
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Drechtwerk Dordrecht Bolidtop E.lo 20345

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