Bolidtop 700 College series

  • Hubertus & Berkhoff culinaire vakschool Amsterdam Bolidtop 700 College

    Bolidtop® 700 College-series


Bolidtop 700 College  series was specifically developed for the educational sector. Bolidtop 700 College is a series of 5 mm thick seamless flooring systems, based on three component epoxy resins. During formulation noncrystallizing resins and a matrix of inert fillers were used. The series, which consists of 30 different systems, has a terrazzo appearance and excels in mechanical values. The resistance to chemicals is influenced by the finishing coat. The electrical resistance can be regulated.The Bolidtop 700 College-series is available in the 21 Bolidt Color Manager terrazzo colours.

Every system in the 700-series has its own finishing details and specific properties, tailored to the demands of the industry. If you are interested in the Bolidtop 700 College system for your industry, please look further in your application.

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References Bolidtop® 700 College-series

American School of The Hague

Hubertus& Berkhoff school Amsterdam
AOC Oost Almelo IJburg College Amsterdam
Carmel College Salland Raalte IJsselcollege Capelle aan den IJssel
Dalton College Technasium Barendrecht Krimpenerwaard college
Erasmus MC Rotterdam Scheepvaart Transport College Rotterdam
GEO University Utrecht Scholen van morgen Belgium
Groenschool Eindhoven St. Nicolaas lyceum Amsterdam
Het Goese Lyceum Goes TU Delft TBM Bildung
Hoornbeeck College Kampen University Inholland Haarlem
  • Krimpenerwaardcollege Krimpen a/d IJssel Bolidtop 700 College
  • St. Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam Bolidtop 700 College
  • Fontys Sporthogeschool Eindhoven Bolidtop 700 College
  • Scheepvaart Transport College Rotterdam Bolidtop 700 College
  • Hubertus & Berkhoff culinaire vakschool Amsterdam Bolidtop 700 College

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