Bolideck Sensation series

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    Bolideck® Sensation-series


Bolideck Sensation is a series of 3 to 6 mm thick, slightly elastic decking systems, based on two component solvent-free and low-odour resins. Bolideck Sensation is - by using high-quality pigments and specific viscosity setting - very suitable as a (fanciful) decking finish in which figurations, logos and traffic information can be seamlessly integrated. Bolideck Sensation offers designers and users, who consciously manage the experience of environments, not only creative possibilities in shape, colour and design, but also durable, functional properties. The series, which consists of 15 systems, is sound attenuating and resistant to chemicals.

The Bolideck Sensation-series is available in 42 Bolidt Color Manager 'deco' colors.

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TUI Blu Motion Mein Schiff 4
TUI Blu Motion Somec Mein Schiff 4 Bolidtop Sensation