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  • Bayer Diegem Bolidtop Sensation

    Building the future intelligently

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It is simply impossible to give a brief description of Bayer AG. An organization that is active around the globe in countless areas with such an infinite number of products that even a 100-page document would not fully reflect the versatility of Bayer as a company. There is, however, one thing that clearly distinguishes Bayer: social and ecological responsibility. It does not only make products that contribute to the welfare of people and to a higher quality of life, but also accepts responsibility for the future. One component of this is EcoCommercial Building (ECB), protecting the climate by building intelligently. The underlying idea is that it is much better to adapt a building to the climate, than to expect the opposite to happen.

  • Bayer Diegem Bolidtop Sensation
  • Bayer Diegem Bolidtop Sensation
  • Bayer Diegem Bolidtop 700
  • Bayer Diegem Bolidtop 700

This idea has proved to be effective in practice. Bayer’s new office building in Diegem has won the ‘Belgian Energy Award for Non-Residential Architecture 2009’. The initiative developed into a comprehensive programme, with a range of partners joining Bayer in the implementation of its sustainability project. Bolidt, a prominent partner in Bayer’s ECB programme, is no newcomer to the concept of ecology. There are good reasons why its Bolidtop® 700, Bolidtop® Sensation and Bolicoat® 50 flooring systems have been installed in the kitchen, canteen, storage area and car park of the sustainable building. One of Bolidt’s directors puts it as follows: “We see success as being able to meet the current and future needs of all of our customers while at the same time anticipating the ecological requirements of society by means of research and innovation. We want to continue growing and that can only be achieved by continuously looking for innovations, not only to preserve what is there, but also to improve what is to come”.

Bolidt has already achieved a great deal. Its flooring provides excellent heat insulation, which at Bayer in Diegem has the added advantage of allowing the concrete core activation system to work optimally. None of the products made by Bolidt require the use of rare or increasingly scarce raw materials. The materials that Bolidt uses are free from organic solvents and both manufacture and installation are carried out without leaving any waste. Because Bolidt manages all business processes internally, it can ensure that everything is recycled 100%. Bolidt flooring systems are durable end products, they do not become old. They keep their quality and functionality throughout the entire life of a building.

Even when it is decided to apply new flooring, a new Bolidtop floor finish can be easily realized at relatively low cost. Bolidt flooring systems are always suitable as a base for any other type of flooring. Each day at Bolidt is a day to find out what can be done differently and better, like the current research into even more environment-friendly packing material. Going green is the way forward!

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