The Best of Bolidt: Offshore Highlights 2016

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    The Best of Bolidt:

    Offshore Highlights

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Bolidt: offshore highlights

As we approach the end of 2016, we take a look back to reminisce on one of the most exciting years to date. Here are the offshore highlights of Bolidt’s 2016.

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MY Luna
This year has seen one of the biggest refits in super yacht history. The legendary Luna has received a makeover of monumental proportions. Coming to $50 million, it covers just about everything. From head-to-toe she’s been restyled, as well as having state of the art security implemented on board. Amongst the incredible additions to the vessel is a high quality synthetic helipad, fitted by Bolidt. Viewed from above, the ‘Luna’ landing sign is clearly visible.

The project spans across 14 months with 450 individual work-list jobs. Included in those jobs are features that have come straight out of a spy movie. Nearly every corner of the yacht is visible by a HD CCTV system, whilst anti-drone technology allows foreign drones to be disabled from 2 kilometres away. As if that wasn’t enough to put the ship in a league of its own, Luna has an anti-missile detection system and is equipped with an on-board hospital.

Queen Mary 2
Cunard’s ocean liner, Queen Mary 2, underwent a major refit earlier this year. It’s fair to say that passengers will be pleasantly surprised by the face-lift the Queen has received. Contractors worked day and night stripping framework from the 2,600 passenger vessel, repainting the outer and refining the inner.

Whilst QM2 has acquired a loyal following since its debut in 2004, there were areas that were felt to be unfavorable or slightly impractical. Namely the Kings Court buffet and the Grand Lobby, both of which have been revitalized in the refurbishment.

Single cabins have been introduced, as well as 30 Britannia Club Balcony cabins. The lobby has been reinvented into a spacious lounge, with a starburst art-deco style carpet adding colour and vibrancy to the room.  The atmosphere is transformed by a baby grand piano for some accompanying music.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the refit is that whilst it has brought areas to life with contemporary decor, the grandiose romance of the ship still remains. Cunard have achieved a fine balance of fresh designs mixed with sensitive updates to the classic features of the cruise ship.

Another offshore highlight of 2016 comes in the form of a ferry. Whilst it may not be quite as luxurious and grandiose as the cruise liners and super yachts we’ve seen this year, it’s certainly worth recognition.

This fascinating ferry will be running between the Dutch islands of Texel and Den Helder. Its design was supported by the European Union’s ‘I. Transfer’ Program, an initiative that aims to make ferry transport more freely accessible and to encourage people to travel by water. The boat is certainly encouraging, with beautiful designs inside and out. This symmetrical, double-ended ferry can carry up to 1,750 passengers, as well as 350 vehicles.

Its credentials when it comes to energy efficiency are outstanding. The ferry is installed with a cocktail of energy resources. It will mainly function on natural gas provided by two batteries of compressed natural gas (CNG) bottles. Electric batteries also play an important part in the advanced energy management system, as well as over 700 square meters of solar panels soaking up power from the sunniest region in the Netherlands.

The ferry is 100 per cent ocean friendly, with every material scrutinized in the design process. With its ergonomic furniture, and its eco-friendly credentials, you’re sure to be comfy with a clean conscience on the Texelstroom.


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