Looking back: Bolidt's Highlights of 2017

  • Looking back:

    Bolidt's Highlights of 2017

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2017 has been a year of colossal proportions here at Bolidt. We started our very own new build, from the ground up. As we expand the Bolidt enterprise, we’re full of excitement towards the future. In this article, however, we’re going to direct our gaze to the past year, which has seen a host of outstanding projects.

  • Sushi Samba Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 signing
  • Fietsenstalling Stationsplein Oost UtrechtBoligrip 200R
  • Bell & Evans Bolidtop 700
  • Danone Innovatiecentrum Utrecht Bolidtop 525


Besides many refits and other interesting projects, the maritime highlight of 2017 has to be the onboard racetrack on the Norwegian Joy. As a world-first cruise experience, it garnered media attention from all over. Sponsored by Ferrari, the 230-metre-long go-kart track was developed in partnership with German karting technology specialist RiMO Supply. It was created using Bolideck® Racetrack. The material has been used extensively in car parks, ramps and bridge decks, but never before for a karting track sailing upon the ocean.


You might not jump to your feet at the site of a parking garage, but we have had the privilege of working on some truly epic parking projects. One in particular was the Bike Park Hoog Catharijne, which won the Beton Prijs award for its design. As a nation renowned for moving around on two wheels, it’s only right the the world’s largest bicycle parking garage will be located in the heart of the Netherlands. Roughly 22,000 cyclists will able to find a safe space for their two-wheeled companions. For now however, Bike Park Hoog Catharijne offers a capacity of 6,000 spaces (already the largest parking garage in the Netherlands). When the second part opens in 2018 it will have a capacity of 12,500, making Utrecht home to the largest bicycle parking facility in the world.


Sushisamba is a restaurant with a menu that excites the senses. When it came to their interior design, they wanted to achieve the same effect.

They specialize in fusion food; mixing Japanese cuisine with South American flavours. Their design follows that same class, with elegance as well as a quirky Latin twist. To complete their design, they came to Bolidt, where we offered them abundance in design. The results are fantastic! The uneven, stylish black-and-white pattern reflects the adventurous nature of the food on the plate.


Bell & Evans are pioneers in the poultry industry, leading with an animal-friendly ethos that includes chicks free of antibiotics, optimum hygiene and the best possible living conditions for the chicks. When it came to building their new facility, they collaborated with a whole host of Dutch companies. We are truly proud to be one of those Dutch companies involved with this project. The liquid tight nature of Bolidt flooring systems makes for a hygienic surface, which in turn makes for happy chicks! We’re all about leading innovation, and this is a company that follows the same ethos. They use technologies that do everything they can to make it a comfortable experience for the chicks.


Danone is currently building a new factory in the Netherlands. This is definitely a highlight in the dairy industry for Bolidt. The sheer size of the project is astounding. At a cost of €240 million, more than 49,000 square meters represents Danone’s largest investment in its European production capacity. From the beginning of 2018, the Haps factory will produce baby-food products for more than 80 countries.

With such huge proportions, the dairy giant needed reliable construction partners that knew how to meet strict deadlines. Bolidt fits the bill! The facility has also received a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certification for its levels of sustainability.


Of course, one of the major highlights this year has been building our very own Experience & Innovation Center. As you can see, we thrive on collaborating with all kinds of industries in all kinds of ways. It’s what we do best. That’s exactly the driving force behind our new Experience & Innovation Center. It’s a space for great minds to come together in the exploration and experimentation of synthetics. At the heart of the Experience & Innovation Center will be the Research & Development department, whose main task is realizing the innovations dreamed up through creative collaborations. 

So there’s 2017 in a nutshell! With our new facility coming to life, we are certain that 2018 will be just as eventful. No Limits!

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